How To Download Performance Data into Adwords Editor & Optimise

If you are an Adwords editor user you will undoubtedly know the speed benefits of using editor rather than using the interface when making significant changes in Adwords.

One of the features I have seen used the least when operating in editor, is to download the performance data into editor and then optimise based on what you have downloaded.

The above video shows exactly how this is done. In this example I have downloaded converted clicks and cost per conversion. This is so that if a keyword has obtained a conversion at a reasonable cost, I will increase the bid. There is many ways of optimising and this is a simple example.

You can download performance data into Adwords editor from anything you would normally see in the columns tab in the interface, this will help with adgroups, ads, keywords and extensions and can cut down your optimisation time if you get into the habit of using editor rather than flicking between the interface and editor.

I recommend this practice unless you are a novice in which case the interface is probably a bit more user friendly – when using editor you can replicate a lot of mistakes unless you are experienced.


About the author

Thomas Green is a Certified Adwords Professional and specialises in direct response marketing. He has over 6 years PPC experience and has a straight forward approach to what works and what doesn’t!

Thomas Green