5 Benefits of Hiring A Google Ads Professional

This article is for anyone looking for more information on why they should hire a Google Ads professional to manage their Google Ads account vs learn, or do it themselves.

1) Google Ads Exams

The Certification Process for being a certified Google Ads Professional involves an initial exam called The Google Ads Fundamentals Exam, which is 2 hours long and requires an 80% pass mark.

It is essentially the first step an Google Ads professional needs to take and covers the basic concepts of Google Ads. This includes creation and management for Search and Display, best practices and optimisation.

Although I have referred to it as the basics, it’s not an easy activity given the length of the exam. The next exam most people go to is the Search Advertising Exam, which has the same pass rate and is the same length, but sorts the serious people from the not so serious, as it is noticeably more difficult than the first.

Although a lot of people stop there (given the popularity of Search), other exams include, Display, Video, Shopping and mobile – you can pass any of these to be certified.

But why is this important to you? Well, if you hire a Google partner or a certified individual they have a certain level of knowledge which Google has decided needs to be met in order for them to be certified.

Does this therefore mean you will have a successful campaign as a result of hiring someone who is certified? No, one does not equal the other, but it is a standard. A standard which you can set as a criteria for someone to work on your account.


2) The Learning Curve

If you are running or starting a business and in an attempt to cut costs decide to take on Google Ads yourself, all credit to you, however there is a tendency some people have to try and look for the easy route to getting their desired result. There are no shortcuts to education, you either know it or you don’t.

If you are willing to put the time in to learn this skill whilst running or launching your business, then you must have an admirable work ethic. If you are not willing to put the time in to learn and stay up to date with it, the results you will get from this marketing media, will most likely be disappointing or substantially less than they could be.

3) Get Your Time Back

There comes a point in the business owners journey, where they simply have to start outsourcing or employing people to do the various tasks that are constantly expanding, or the business will cease to grow. You can only do so much!

Many business leaders actually have this as a principle for success: The more you try and do everything yourself the less it will help, let people in their fields do what they do and you work on your business rather than in your business.

4) Cost of Management Vs Paying Someone A Salary

The cost of Google Ads management from companies that specialise in Google Ads, is normally a small fraction of the cost of a full time employee, if you can find an employee who is skilled in this area however, then this may be a good choice if you are paying them already, or even maybe a good trial for them to see how they get on. There is also a consideration that when they move on, they will be taking their skills with them!

There is something to be said for hiring someone who does something all day every day and that is likely the case if you hire an Google Ads manager to look after your account, what is difficult for some to grasp will be common place for someone who does this stuff day in day out. You can normally spot these people as they have a language of their own, all created by Google Ads!

5) You Get The Experience Of All The Other Accounts That Person Has Worked On

When you hire an Google Ads professional, they have the experience of all of the previous accounts they have ever worked on and can apply this to your business. They have encountered hundreds of different challenges to overcome, or tests that have worked for them previously (or perhaps not worked for them). If you only work on one account, that is going to give you a fairly limited scope if you have a problem or issue to solve.

All of the above benefits are the reason this industry exists, but they are a long way from finding the right person for you and your business. For more information on choosing the right people please see the other articles on the site or download your free audio book – 7 things you must know before hiring anyone for PPC.