Adapt Your Marketing Message By Media

Adapt Your Marketing Message By Media Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I wanted to talk to you about your marketing strategy. And how it should change based on what media you are using.

For this example, I will compare Google Search and Facebook. As one is where someone is searching for what you sell. Or at very least they are searching for information about it. Another, you set your targeting and you are broadcasting your message out to them. The vast majority of them are really not looking to buy that product or service unless you somehow convince them they need it.

Those two examples are at very different points along the path to purchase. As the former may have already made a decision to buy and might be comparing one service against another. While the latter hasn’t given your product or service any thought what so ever.

The interesting thing is, both Google and Facebook generate an extremely large amount of sales for businesses on a daily basis. That is true of a lot of offline activity also where the same principles apply.

So how should your approach change based on the media you are advertising on?

When you are pushing your message out to a large unqualified audience, you need to speak to the minority. Often it’s the case that businesses try and market to the majority, but it’s true to say that the majority is not going to be your customer. Often this is done with the headline, be loud and clear about who it is that you are speaking to and eliminate the majority who are not ready to do business with you.

Second, of the now qualified people who are reading your ad or who are on your website, get them to raise their hand by offering them something of value in exchange for their details for you to follow up with them. If you have provided something valuable to them for free, you now have your prospect.

If it’s the case that someone is actively searching for what you do like on google search and have enquired. I would argue they are in the same position as someone who has raised their hand for the free give away I mentioned previously.

If you are advertising services on the Google display network or on Facebook. And are using the same strategy as you would for search. You are essentially pitching unqualified people, most were never going to be your customer to begin with.

The same can be said for most of the Social Media platforms. People are not using social media to be sold to. So your message needs to speak specifically to a small niche of people. Offer something of value, the ones who accept it are the ones you should focus all your follow up on.

I hope that’s been valuable to you. If you need any help with your marketing, visit us at and I’ll speak to you soon.