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This is some AdWords news on our AdWords chat video on the 20th February we got a comment from David Iskander, I hope I’m saying that correctly David, his comment was:



I did get in touch with my relationship manager at Google and also did some googling.

Search Engine Land have got an article on this and a screenshot which as you can see the additional description is I believe identical to the main description, but it is optional and this reminds me of sitelinks where you create your sitelink, but the actual description is optional and the ad preview here:

This is the first description and this is the additional description.

In the same way that they’ve got two headlines, now they’re also testing two descriptions.

What I would suspect and this is speculation, but I would guess that if you did have two descriptions in your ad, there would be perhaps less extensions showing.

As always AdWords are trying to get as many clicks as possible to improve the click through rate and search engine land got a spokesperson at Google to make a comment and it is here:


“Google is constantly testing out new products and features to improve user and advertiser experience.”


So when I have some more information on this, as it’s fairly limited at the moment, I will update you and hope that was interesting and I guess just look out for perhaps any of your accounts, to see if there are any additional description options.

They’re quite limited as far as I can see, we’ve looked at all of ours and there’s not any.

I’ve requested that one of my accounts be enrolled because we have a beta option for our clients, so when something like this comes out we do get told about that, but in this instance it seems like it was a bit hush-hush.

That was just some Adwords news, as always you can visit us at if you’re interested in AdWords management please rate and subscribe and thank you very much for listening.


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