Adwords News – Ad Blending 1st March 2017

Adwords News – Ad Blending Transcript

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This is just a quick video to update you on some AdWords news.

I was googling for a definition of attribution modelling and what’s new today, is you can see from the search that I made, the top results have come up are ads.

However they’ve made a slight change to the appearance of the little box which just notifies the user that it is an ad.

If I go back to the ad preview in my campaign, you can see that the ad square is green with white text and you can see today they’ve made a change which has blended it into the background slightly and if you scroll down to look at the natural search results, you can see that difference between the paid results and the natural results, is now looking quite similar compared to the previous one.

It might just be a test that google is running to see whether or not the paid results get a higher click-through rate as a result of this test, or it might be the case that they have already tested it and this is a permanent change.

Either way you can see that when this search has been made, the organic results are below the fold quite a bit further down and the paid results are taking up the majority of the page.

It’s not huge news, in a sense you would expect google to do things which prioritise the paid results over the natural ones as that’s where they make their money, but it is interesting to see that they’re blending the paid results to get a higher click-through rate for the advertisers and relegating the natural results which don’t make them any money.

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