How To Create An Adwords Dynamic Search Ads Campaign

I have been using DSA Campaigns more recently and it can be overlooked if you haven’t already had experience using them. If you need help setting one up, below is a step by step guide for the video above.

Video Transcript

  • Click on the new campaign button and select “search network only”.
  • Select “Dynamic Search Ads” from the list and enter your campaign name.
  • Scroll down and enter your domain name in the website field.
  • I have used amazon as an example.
  • I have unselected search partners here, this will depend on budget and performance if you leave it checked or not.
  • I normally update advanced location settings to “physically in” rather than “interested in”.
  • You will need a default bid and budget to move forward, but this can be updated later.
  • Click save and continue and you will be taken to create your first adgroup.
  • This is a few seconds of loading time.
  • Name your adgroup with the category you are promoting.
  • The categories on your site should be listed below, to target them, click on the arrow and it will be added.
  • You do not have to create an ad now, but I have done so here. This will be for all products in the category selected.
  • The headline will change depending on what Adwords will promote to the searcher
  • Select save adgroup and you should be all done!


How To Create An Adwords Dynamic Search Ads Campaign Infographic


About the author

Thomas Green is a Certified Adwords Professional and specialises in direct response marketing. He has over 6 years PPC experience and has a straight forward approach to what works and what doesn’t!

Thomas Green