Formatting On Site Call Tracking For International Numbers

Formatting On Site Call Tracking For International Numbers Video Transcription:

Good afternoon this is Thomas Green with Ethical Marketing Service. This video is on Google ads on site call tracking and it’s how you format an international telephone number.

Before we start if you want to learn how to set up Google ads on site call tracking I will link to an existing video in the description our number if you want to get in touch with us regarding digital marketing services is 01273 634 985.

This number is what would go in our call extension as this is necessary for on-site call tracking and also the following code. So the top part of that is, the global site tag it’s got an opening script tag and a closing script tag and it just says in the comment at the top their global site tag. Underneath there’s another opening script tag which is the tag where you put in your phone number.

So, where it says replace with value that is where you’d put in your phone number and Google would look to replace that piece of text with the forwarding number. But what would you put in the code or call extension if the number on the site was formatted like the below?

So in some instances websites will put in the country code and then in the brackets the zero for if it was a local person and then followed by the actual phone number.

I am not certain what would actually happen if you dialled that number from a mobile device and you included both the country code and the zero in brackets.

I also wasn’t sure what would happen if you put symbols like brackets and pluses in the call extension. It took some time to figure out but after testing, the number you would add into the code, you’d basically drop off the zero, the pluses, the brackets and the country code, it would be anything after that.

So basically what you are telling Google to do within the JavaScript code is replace this text with the forwarding number, but the zero, the country code and the brackets will be left the same.

It’s a very specific example, but it took some time to figure out. So hopefully it will be of some benefit and if you have any questions then you can put them in the comments and also let us know if you’d like a video on anything specific that you’re having issues with. Thank you very much for watching.