How To Answer “Why Should I Do Business With You?”

How To Answer “Why Should I Do Business With You?” Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. I just wanted to share with you some thoughts in relation to the summary of what your website says to your visitors.

If you were to summarise your message in the simplest way possible it would be, to do business with us or buy my product or service.

The reasonable response from anyone to that would be “why should I do business with you?” and that is where you would make your case. So ask yourself this question, how good is my case? or how good is the evidence on my site? As to why that visitor should do business with you.

The reasonable question you might have in response to that is, what constitutes evidence in this situation? so I thought I would make a list of all the evidence that you could have on your site. Then you can determine if there is anything you could add to make your case to the people who visit your site. So to get started,

  • Number one: Pictures of clients using your product or service
  • Number two: Data of how your business has helped your market. You can get that data by just asking or surveying your clients.
  • Number three: Video or written testimonials. (Side note to that if you’re getting customers asking for discounts at the moment during the difficult time, it is a great time to ask for testimonials as the clients are asking something from you.)
  • Number four: You could have testimonials as a PDF on your website. (Another side note on that is think about an objection that your prospect or potential prospect has, ask the client who is doing a testimonial for you to mention that issue and how your business has dealt with that objection.)
  • Number five: You could have references of people who they could contact, who have had a positive experience.
  • Number six: Product demonstrations are an under used, very powerful way to sell.
  • Number seven: A walk-through of how a product is made or how a service is delivered.
  • Number eight: Some sort of qualification or credential from an external source can help, but the visitor would need to understand the significance of it. The more companies that have it the less impact it has.

If you have any that I haven’t thought of or feel free to add them below in the comments. But if you are looking to make the best possible case to your visitors and say why they should buy from you, you may want to consider adding some of the things we talked about.

Hopefully I’ve added some value today. If you need any help with your marketing you can visit us at and I’ll speak to you soon.