How To Build A Brand As A Small Business

How to build a brand as a small business Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service, today I wanted to talk to you about how you would go about branding a small or medium sized business.

There is a common phrase when referring to branding and you probably would have heard it, it is “I want to get my brand out there”, and the purpose of getting a brand out there is so you can be front of mind when someone decides they are going to purchase a particular product or service.

For the purpose of making a comparison between a big corporate and a small to medium sized business, I did a quick search to see the amount that Nike spent on their advertising last year and it is a staggering $3.75 billion dollars.

Most small business owners are not in the position to spend money on buying brand awareness as they need a return on the investment, so the way you brand if you are not a big corporate company is off the back of the sales you make from the efforts of your advertising. And the branding or reputation you create is with the customers that do business with you.

You can create an amazing logo or symbol for your business and you can tell great stories about it so they know exactly what your company stands for, but It has to be to the clients you have generated sales from through your advertising.

Hence why you say you “build a brand” rather than buying a brand and you would build it from all the people that you do a great job for. The summary is sales first that’s the priority, branding is secondary until you can spend billions on your brand. You are not getting your brand out there, you are getting a customer to come in.

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