How To Change Google Ads Ad Copy In Bulk

Once you have established that one piece of ad copy out performs another, a useful tool to have in your arsenal is “change text ads”, this allows you to change many text ads in one go.

An example might be if you do a split test and you find that the call to action “Call Now!” is more compelling (or has a better CTR) than “Enquire Now!”, you can do a bulk change on all your ads from “Enquire Now!” to “Call Today!” and see which copy is performs better with a new a/b test.

Over time, you will refine your account so that the ad copy performs very well, which should impact your cost per click and perhaps deliver a better standard of visitor to your site.

This tool is also useful when you discontinue a service or offer and no longer want to advertise it, or if you want to boast about something which will be of interest to your customer – instead of going through your account and adding individually, you can make a very quick change to your ad copy following the above video very efficiently. As always, when making bulk changes, be sure to double check before you make the changes to ensure they are correct, as if there is errors they may be implemented many times over.