How To Create A Shared Google Ads Budget

The Above Video shows how to create A shared Google Ads budget to ensure all of your Google Ads campaigns are working off one budget rather than many. In my time working on multiple accounts from an array of different businesses, I have seen many different approaches to ensuring spend levels do not exceed an agreed limit.

One of the worst is when multiple campaigns are in an account and there are so many working off individual budgets, that the budget is minuscule and sometimes is less than what is required for a click.

Although I feel an Google Ads account is generally best when it is segmented as much as possible, sometimes a shared budget is needed.

You would generally not use this approach when campaigns can get many clicks and some are performing better than others – campaigns do not perform equally, so spend should not be spent equally either.

When you switch your campaigns from various individual budgets to one shared budget, it is important to set the delivery method, as this will be applied to all your campaigns and can alter the performance of your account considerably.

You can have multiple shared budgets in one account and you can also mix individual budgets, with shared budgets. This is useful if you want to specify a budget for a particular part of your account.

The below is a step by step guide for the video above:

Shared Google Ads Budget

  • Currently you can see my campaigns and their individual budgets
  • This is the total potential budget of all the campaigns
  • Navigate to “shared library” and select “budgets”

  • You will see the red +Budget button, click it.

  • First you create a name for your shared budget, I normally use the monthly target spend for mine
  • Under the budget name you will see the option to apply the budget to existing campaigns, click edit
  • Your campaigns will populate and you can decide which campaigns should have this budget

How To Create A Shared Adwords Budget

  • I have selected all of them by clicking the arrow at the top
  • Here is where you decide what amount this shared budget will be
  • Delivery method works the same on a shared budget
  • But remember you now have many more campaigns using the same budget
  • Click save
  • When you go back to campaign level, you will see the budget has been updated for all your campaigns

You have created a shared budget across multiple campaigns!