How To Create A Google Ads Remarketing List

In order to show remarketing ads, you will first have to create remarketing lists.

The above is a walkthrough of how to setup your first remarketing list. In order for the above remarketing list to start collecting user data, you will need the remarketing tag on your site (every page is the recommended practice).

I also only create a list for 14 days, but ideally you want lots of different timeframes as they are likely to all perform differently based on how recently they were a visitor of your site. The lists I tend to create habitually are:

All visitors 14, 30, 60, 90, 120, 240, 365 and 540 days.

In the rules part of the list, you can also specify the exact page they visited, this is likely to be very useful if you offer different products or services on the same site.

Below is a step by step guide to the video above:

  •  Remarketing lists can be found/created in the shared library and then audiences on the left, click here

  • There are different remarketing lists you can create, in this instance we will use “website visitors”
  • When creating lists for the first time, Google Ads will ask you if you need dynamic remarketing lists
  • This is for businesses with online stores, who would like to show products that visitors have looked at in their ads
  • In this instance, we are a service based business, so we do not need to tick the box and select dynamic ads
  • We click set up remarketing without the box ticked as there is no products to be purchased on our site
  • If you tick the box because you need to advertise products, these are the options you can choose from
  • In order to setup remarketing, you need to apply some code to your site
  • This section is asking if you want to send code implementation instructions to someone in your team
  • You can find the code by clicking “view Google Ads tag for websites”
  • If you click on the code, it highlights all of it, for easy copy and paste
  • as per instructions the code needs to be added before the closing body tag on site
  • If you don’t need to send instructions to anyone, un-tick the box and select continue
  • Google Ads has advised here that it has automatically created a list for you, “all visitors” in the last 30 days
  • click “return to audiences” and we can create our own
  • Navigate to the red button “+remarketing list” to create your first list
  • Select website visitors if you are not creating a list for mobile apps or from an existing customer list
  • Next you will name your list, I have chosen visitors for the last 14 days
  • Below, you will need to set the criteria for those that are to be added to your lists
  • More often than not, I use visitors to a particular domain, as lists have a minimum number requirement before ads can show
  • Membership duration is the number of days they should stay on the list, so ours will be 14 days as per list name
  • click save

You have created your first remarketing list!