How To Create An Effective Offer For Your Business

How To Create An Effective Offer For Your Business Video Transcription:

Thomas Green from Ethical Marketing Service here, today I wanted to talk to you about creating an effective or persuasive offer for your business. 

As I have said in my previous videos, a lot of offers are as basic as product and price, the example being:

“You give me £495 + VAT and I will give you 30 days of Google Ads Management in return.”

If however you want to do more than the bare minimum, you might want to sweeten the deal in order to get a better response. A better offer would look something like:

“You give me £495 + VAT and I will give you 30 days of Google Ads Management in return, if after 30 days you are not happy for any reason, you get a full refund, making it 100% risk free”

Or if you wanted to go one step further you might add:

“and if you have to exercise that refund, we’ll give you a full days work from one of our virtual assistants to work on your business, so if you go ahead today, there is no way you can lose”.

The principle here is thinking about it from the buyers perspective and what they would find the most compelling. If you were in their position what would the offer have to look like to make you buy?

There are also some steps for you to consider as you are crafting your offer and they are:

What promise are you making to the prospect? What problem will you be solving for them? What are the benefits to the prospect? What bonuses will you offer if they take action now? The price needs to be included. Adding scarcity can work, but it has to be sincere and if It isn’t it can be detrimental. What kind of guarantee can you add? It should be very clear as people don’t respond to an offer they don’t understand. There should also be a reason why you are making that kind of an offer, 10% off with no reason isn’t very compelling. Think about the fact that people are lazy and they need something highly compelling in order to respond. And then you recap the offer at the end with the call to action. 

The reason I made a video dedicated to the offer is because it is such an important part of your sales message, if you have a great offer, the rest of the marketing message can be average and it can still perform well.

If you need any help with your marketing you can visit us at I hope you have found this video helpful and I’ll speak to you soon.