How To Create Google Shopping Ads on YouTube

How To Create Google Shopping Ads on YouTube Transcript

Good afternoon this is Thomas Green at

Today I am going to be taking you through the process of being able to show google shopping ads or product listing ads on YouTube.

It’s been something that’s been appearing a little bit more and more very recently, it’s moderately new so not many people are doing it at the moment, so it’d be good if you have the ability to show shopping ads, if your site is an online store, then very worth testing it at this particular point in time.

You will need to either set up a merchant centre account, or already have one linked to your AdWords account and I’ll take you through the process of that, not you know just that the fundamentals of it, not necessarily the walkthrough of merchant centre today.

But if you’re in your AdWords account, go to campaigns and add a new campaign. Go to video and with the Hangout it takes a little bit longer than normal, but shouldn’t be too long. Going to label it “shopping ads”.

Select google shopping and the description is regarding buying products, the product filter works very much like any any shopping campaign does, so if you have a particular set of products that you want to only show within this campaign, then you would need to specify it by creating filters.

The merchant identifier is already linked here, so my merchant centre account is EMS store. If you don’t have anything here, then as I previously said you need to create a merchant centre account. My advice is to use the same email address that you have for your AdWords email or Adwords login.

You need to specify the domain or the website address and then also go through a process of just proving that you’re the owner of that site.

Once you have that you’ll need a feed a product feed and once you upload that you’ll be able to basically you’ll see this your merchant ID here and this will all be absolutely fine and you specify a individual budget just like you would with any particular campaign along with the delivery method.

If you’re going to include video partners, then I would separate the campaigns. For now I will just do youtube videos. I’m in the UK so I will select the UK. You have the option of increasing bid adjustments and also when you want the campaign to start and finish on.

Much of this is is similar to any other campaign setup, click Save and continue.

With Adgroup name we would specify the type of product, if we’ve done that or if you’re going to have all of the products shown within one ad group, then we can label it “all products”.

For the youtube video, I should have something already arranged for you but I don’t! I’m going to go to my videos and then select chosen video that I would like to show the ads on.

It might also be a good way to label your Adgroups, so if you had a particular video you might label it with your video name.

The display URL is going to be self-explanatory, our site is as I said in the introduction and I’m going to go with the video ad named the type of the video.

This is how it’s going to look – the feed that’s in the merchant centre is going to tell youtube to show these products on the video and on the side and also underneath.

I would encourage you to experiment with the cost per view, as you can often get quite cheap views depending on what your settings are.

Here is where you will pick your targeting, again a lot of this is like any video campaign. I’m going to select someone who has viewed one of my youtube videos and then save the Adgroup and that is our campaign created.

So we’re showing google shopping ads on this particular video to the list that I added to the Adgroup, this is just a video to say that this is available and I do believe that it should be tested, to see how efficient it is.

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