How To Find An Adwords Certified Partner

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Looking for the right Adwords Certified Partner for your business?

Google has it sorted. You can look at all the google partners profiles at the below link:


Google Partner Step 1


In the top right hand corner click the “Find a Partner” button.


Google Partner Step 2

You will see the above page and can choose help with a website or with advertising, when you click on advertising you will see the below page:


Google Partner Step 3


You can choose to add your website, or select that you would prefer not to and then if you want a local partner, you can add your location, or just keep this as your desired country. Once you click “view your results”, you will see a list of potential Adwords certified partners:


Screen shot of EMS Adwords Certified Partner page



Once you have viewed some profiles, you may wish to contact a partner and can do so by clicking the “contact” button under the logo.


Google Best Practices

Google Partners have certain best practices they have to adhere to in order to qualify for partner status. An example of this can be viewed below, this is Ethical Marketing Services best practices and is well above average google partners:

Google Partner Best Practices


What are the benefits to hiring an Adwords Certified Partner?

  • Higher probability of favourable ROI
  • Adwords expertise proven through exams
  • Adwords Policy agreements

You can see Google’s opinion on this here

Ethical Marketing Service Qualifications

I have recently updated all my exams and my certificates are below:



It is also possible that if you decide to work with a Adwords Certified Partner, they may have features available to them that are not available yet to the public (in Beta).


If you would like more guidance on who you should hire for Adwords management visit this link for a free PPC Audiobook.


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Thomas Green is a Certified Adwords Professional and specialises in direct response marketing. He has over 6 years PPC experience and has a straight forward approach to what works and what doesn’t!

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