How To Get More Customers

How To Get More Customers Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service, I wanted to talk a little about the everyday practices which are required when the goal is getting more customers.

Typically if you see a video on the internet with a title of how to get more customers, if you get any helpful information at all as opposed to a pitch, the information which you do get will be about one specific thing that the person who is explaining it just so happens to be selling.

Whilst it is entirely possible that one specific way of getting more customers, may help in achieving that goal, the reality is that you don’t want to be dependent on just one source of leads or sales and if you are, then your business is very susceptible to fluctuation in performance and even failure. The reverse is also the case, so if instead of being reliant on one source of leads or sales, you are reliant on for example 100 different sources, if one of them stops working you do want to attempt to do something about it, but it’s almost irrelevant because you have 99 other sources.

So if we come back to what the original goal is which is to get more customers, you now know that it’s not ideal to be heavily dependent on one source, so the question becomes “how many different sources of leads and sales do you have?” I would say if you have under 10, you need more. I would also say if one source is responsible for more than 50% of your leads or sales, the others need to be improved.

A good question to ask yourself is how long you would be in business if that one source of leads or sales went away because it might be motivation to change. In some businesses 100% of their business comes from one source and that source does go away and they have no other source of revenue.

In order to address this issue, the practice that’s required is to take a lot of action, start looking for all the different ways that you can promote your business and consider if you have tested those sources, also consider if you have really committed yourself to making it work from these new sources and if you spent as much time and effort on the ones which are already working, what would happen?

It’s not so important which ones you do, at my company we are predominantly digital marketing, so some examples there are PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Video Marketing. That would be 5 sources of leads or sales that can get you new business, but I would say don’t just focus online, but start looking for offline opportunities also.

The last thing I would leave you with which is a practical step for you to put into action is “measurement improves performance”, this applies here because you can measure the sources that are bringing sales into your business now, lets say it’s 2-3 which is common, focus on this metric and see if you can get it to 5-6 over the next few months. If you really apply the information here, you should end up achieving the goal and the title of the video which is how to get more customers is an accurate one.

If you found this helpful, visit us at and we can help with the services mentioned previously, I’ll speak to you soon, until next time.

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How to get more customers

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