How To Improve Your Remarketing Campaigns

How To Improve Your Remarketing Campaigns Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. I wanted to talk to you today about improving your remarketing campaigns. Typically we remarket on google and Facebook. Although it’s possible to remarket on the social platforms. I am going to be referring to google and facebook as that’s what most clients ask us for.

One of my previous videos called Marketing is communication from one person to another. I mention that although the metrics in your account might say hundreds or thousands of people have seen any particular ad. It’s really you as a business are delivering your marketing message to one individual at a time.

Bringing this concept to your remarketing campaigns specifically. If you take your prospects journey. They visit your website and for whatever reason. They don’t buy or enquire there. Then, you create a remarketing campaign and follow up with them to see if they are still interested… And if you can get them to enquire or buy.

The reason I made this video is because the way that most remarketing campaigns are setup is you’ll have a standard timeframe for each list. This is 30 days by default and you setup an ad. And show them that ad for that 30 day timeframe. Some may go one step further and increase the timeframe to say 60 or 90 days. But most don’t change the ad and if they do, it’s not based on anything.

If you view it from the prospects perspective and take it as a communication from one person to another. They shopped around and haven’t become a customer. You decided to follow up with them, they have received your communication for example come back and buy with us today in most cases. But what other message do they receive from you?

It’s the same one over and over again. Is it any surprise that people get annoyed by advertising. It’s saying nothing new. Now a repeated call to action can work. But I would submit that most likely there is a reason why most of the people on your lists didn’t enquire or buy.

Is it an objection that hasn’t been overcome? Is it that they don’t believe that you can solve their problem and maybe they need to see some proof? a price objection that maybe you can help them understand better? Is it that they weren’t certain you even provide the service they need? In which case you would help them find out more. If it isn’t clear for them, they likely won’t convert.

Google and Facebook is setup in such a way that you can segment your lists. Meaning, you can have one message after 14 days. A different message for the next 14. And you can do this at least on google for up to 540 days. Well, in that time you could have put together a very sophisticated marketing sequence. That’s a principle which is very powerful.

You want to get away from just one message over and over again. Instead showing your potential prospect a series of messages which answers all the questions they may have. Shows them proof, makes them an offer, reverses the risk if it’s possible. Maybe adds a bonus as an incentive to act. If you or someone who is doing this on your behalf builds this out, it can turn a very average remarketing campaign into something which captures those prospects. And turns them into customers who otherwise may have fallen through the cracks.

If you would like help in setting this sort of campaign up. Visit us at and until next time, I’ll speak to you soon.