How To Increase The Conversion Rate For Your Website

How To Increase The Conversion Rate For Your Website Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk with you about how to increase the conversion rate on your website through the copy. Or content that is on it.

Generally speaking there is often not enough thought that goes into the messaging on your site. What gets all the attention tends to be the websites physical appearance rather than what it says. Although the physical appearance does make a difference to the conversion rate. If you had to choose, I would argue and have evidence that what you say is more important than how it looks.

So let’s say you have a website at the moment and you want to improve the number of people that go from visitor to enquiry or sale. How would you go about doing that? An exercise that can be very beneficial which I would recommend is going through is a checklist of objective truths about your business. Which you are aware of that a potential client may not be.

In terms of the level of detail that you go into with this checklist. If you imagine for a second that you are going to buy a new house. In this particular instance, you are going to live in this house forever. You can’t go live in a different one. But there are some new rules which state that you can’t do viewings and you can’t see any pictures of it. How much detail would you want as a buyer of that house? That’s the kind of detail we should have in our checklist.

What type of house is it? What colour? How big is the house? How old is the house? What kind of windows and what’s their condition? What’s the inside of the house like? Who has lived in it before? What kind of maintenance has it had? Does it have a garage and what’s the parking like? Make the checklist on your business as detailed as you can.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s just for you at the moment, so no one else will see it, if you worry too much about only adding positive things then it won’t be as detailed as we need it to be. It’s better to have too much information than not enough.

The next step in this process is to take each item on your checklist and create benefits from them. If you have seen some of my other videos, you will have heard me talk about features vs benefits so this will be easy for you, if not the formula for it is, you are taking a feature like an aspect of your business and telling the reader what’s in it for them as that’s what people care about. If we use our house example for a moment, a feature would be the roof is 2 years old. The benefit would be so you don’t have to worry about moving into a home and then spending thousands on roof repairs or your personal possessions getting water damage. 

So with every feature on your list, your are creating a benefit (or what’s in it for them) for each one.

If you spend time on this exercise, by the end of it, you will have a large list of benefits for your site. Next you need to attempt to implement some risk reversal into your offer to the client. Most website offers are product and price. In any business transaction, there is one party that assumes more of the risk than the other and that is often the buyer. If you can find a way to reverse that risk, the offer is much more appealing to your potential buyer. 

Using our house example, the agent would normally sell it, so we can look at their offer. In an item that might cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, you can’t really reverse the risk on it, but what you can do is add a bonus. So they might say with all the properties we sell, there will be Champagne on ice waiting for you when you enter your property and if during the buying process we don’t get back to your requests in 24 hours, we will give you a free dishwasher or similar appliance for your new home. As you are probably aware, most agents just do product, price. But this will do two things, differentiate you from all the other product price businesses. And force you to be hot on customer service.

So now you have your list of benefits and your offer, it’s time to update that site.

If you need some help doing so or any other part of your marketing you can visit us at I hope you have found this helpful and I will speak to you soon.