How To Position Your Business

How To Position Your Business Video Transcription:

Thomas Green from Ethical Marketing Service here, today I would like to talk with you a bit on how to position your business in the market place. If you are unfamiliar with the term positioning, a quick google gave me a definition of:

“Positioning defines where your product or service stands in relation to others offering similar products and services in the marketplace as well as the mind of the consumer.”

When I was coming up with my own definition mine was more bullet points than a sentence and they were:

How you as an individual are perceived or if it is a brand then it is often referred to as “brand identity”

What you stand for

What or who you are opposed to

What you are highly skilled at

It’s important to realise that everything that you say as a company is positioning you in a particular way to others for example if you talk about multiple locations as many companies do “quote” “we have 15 locations across the country”, rightly or wrongly you are positioning yourself as a big company.

So if almost everything you say is positioning, a logical question is, how should I position myself or my company. And the answer is you want to position yourself by who your potential customers will best respond to. Now it is important to be authentic and I am not saying you should pretend to be something you are not, but much of business is about solving problems for people, so if you have entered a particular market in order to solve a problem, it is logical that you would be opposed to putting up with that problem, hence that is a form of positioning.

If you personally are putting yourself up as the identity of the business then it can be very much done by what you as an individual say, if however you are a brand, it’s a lot about what your brand stands for and advertises, a great example of positioning by a big corporate is “hi I’m a Mac and hi I’m a PC” ads which can be found on YouTube, the positioning by Mac and the contrast of how they perceive a PC is very clear in these ads and it’s well worth a watch to see what I mean.

Hopefully you now know what positioning is, you know you should actively decide to do it because almost everything you say is positioning anyway and you should be positiong yourself in the most favourable way to your target market, I will give you an example of my own.

My company is Ethical Marketing Service and our mission statement is to be the most trust worthy marketing agency in existence (and that’s a bit of brand identity), so the very name of the company has Ethical in it and what we stand for which is the next bullet point is telling the truth to people and the reason for that is a lot of the industry has a bad reputation for making promises that they can’t keep, which brings me to what we are opposed to which is the next bullet point, we are strongly opposed to other agencies who say they can deliver exaggerated results, make false claims and don’t keep promises they make and lastly what we are highly skilled at which is the last bullet point is digital marketing on your behalf which is why we offer a no questions asked, no strings attached 30 day satisfaction guarantee because we are so confident we are willing to take on all the risk so you don’t have to.

What I would advise you do is run through that template for your own company so your positioning is clear and well defined, I hope that helps you get some clarity around positioning your business, if you’d like some help, you can visit us at ,  on the site you just run through a few questions and it helps us figure out if we can help you or not, if not I’ll still put out these videos to help you and your business and until next time, speak to you soon.