How To Turn Off Google Ads Conservative Automation From Remarketing

Video Transcription:

Good afternoon this is Thomas Green with I would like to go through with you today how to switch off automation on your remarketing campaign.

You may have noticed a default which has now been added to display campaigns and more specifically remarketing campaigns where if you go to your chosen remarketing campaign and then go to audiences.

We don’t have any data here just because it’s an example account but you’ll have your list that you’ve applied to a particular ad group and this should match the total.

If you’ve got 100 clicks here on your all users it should match the total of the ad group. What you might see recently because of a change within Google ads is a different number for display automatic targeting and it’s because Google have added a feature which is a little bit discreet where they’ve automatically added conservative automation and so on here you might have a 100 clicks for remarketing lists and then here you might have a thousand clicks for automatic targeting.

What I found in the tests is that the automatic targeting doesn’t tend to work all that well and so if you wanted to switch it off you used to be able to change it from targeting to observation which has confused some people because when you added a list to an ad group and you said you wanted to target that, it meant that it had to meet that criteria and nothing else.

If it was on observation that it might be able to meet some other criteria but now if you are seeing data in automatic targeting you have to go to “edit all targeting” and you can look for this when you also set up the campaign it’s just a little bit hidden away. You’ll see your normal targeting methods but underneath where it says settings you’ve got your automated targeting and if you hit the drop down you’ll see if it’s a remarketing ad group or a remarketing campaign you really want no automated targeting meaning is only going to the ad is only going to be shown to people who have been previous visitors of that site.

If you want to experiment with automation then you can do so by clicking these boxes but I mean I would look at it very much as an experiment and keep an eye on it because it hasn’t performed that well for me and so if you want to switch it off you select no automated targeting and then click Save. That way this particular ad group will only be shown to all users in the last 60 days of the site. I hope that helps and if you want to find out more you can give us a call on the number below. Thanks for listening