How To Use The Adwords Campaign Bid Simulator

The Adwords Campaign Bid Simulator is a useful tool that predicts based on the previous activity in your account, if you were to multiply your bids by a percentage or set them at a certain amount, how many impressions you would receive. It also predicts what budget would be required if this action was completed.

It is basically a forecasting tool which is slightly more informed than your average manual forecast.

This is useful if you are looking to increase your Adwords spend but are not really sure how much it should be increase by. If you have a goal in mind about what you are looking to achieve, we can look at your Adwords account and then tell you what spend level or bid increase would be needed to achieve it.

In order for the bid simulator to work, the campaign needs to be on an individual budget (not a shared one) and not using automatic bidding (manual CPC).

In order to get to the campaign bid simulator you click on the little icon next to the budget amount – you can see this on the video, but you may need to be playing in HD as it is quite discreet!

About the author

Thomas Green is a Certified Adwords Professional and specialises in direct response marketing. He has over 6 years PPC experience and has a straight forward approach to what works and what doesn’t!

Thomas Green