New Call Only Ads In Google

New Call Only Ads In Google Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today Google have announced call only ads with an optional website link. If you use these types of ads in your campaigns, when you go to create your next ad. You will see a Final URL field which is recommended by Google.

If you put in your URL during ad creation. You will see in the preview section of the ad that an additional section comes up beneath the main part of the ad which says “visit website”.

Google state that the “Visit website” link is predicted to improve your performance. But the ad position needs to be high enough on the page and Google also requires a minimum ad rank.

I suspect that advertisers have been seeing a diminishing return from call only ads. Google are attempting to train their users to know that they have an option to call which is highly emphasised in the ad. But they can visit the website if they prefer.

On average call only ads typically require somewhere between 5 and 8 clicks to actually generate a call because searchers think they are going to a website rather than making a call so the tap populates the phone number on their phone, but they don’t follow through with it which can be expensive for an advertiser because they are still charged for the tap and it doesn’t even guarantee when you do get a call that it will be a genuine prospect.

Googles announcement link is here

It’s a new feature, but if we have any meaningful data from testing to report back on. I will update you and if you would like some help in creating the new call only ads…

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