Optimise Google Ads By Day of Week & Hour of Day

How To Optimise Google Ads By Day of Week & Hour of Day

A quick Google Ads optimisation tip is to go straight to the dimensions tab while either selecting the campaign you want to optimise or under all campaigns, in the example above I am looking at all campaigns data. You select “time” and then “hour of day” or “day of week” depending on what data you wish to see and then as per the video, sort by the metric you are optimising from. In this example I choose conversions and also cost per conversion.

It is apparent that the best performing day is Saturday, as it gives the most conversions at the best cost per conversion. This means that on this day (generally speaking) the clicks are more valuable to me. The worst performing day is Monday with the least conversions. Based on this data, I could implement an ad schedule and then add bid adjustments based on the data we have just found.

I then do the same thing but with hour of day and find that in the hour of 1am, it has the most spend, with no conversions, I also suspect that the quality of visitor at this time would be less, so I can also decrease what I am willing to pay for the visitors at this time, or switch them off completely.

This is a quick optimisation example which is at quite a high level, but it is still useful to know and the more data you have, the more effective you can be when optimising.