Share A Link To The Adwords Ad Preview Tool

Quite a new feature for those times when you are in contact with someone who doesn’t know Adwords well – you can send them a link to the ad preview tool, so they can check for themselves if the ad is showing without adding to impressions or if it is showing in a country you are not in.

Video Transcript:
To access the ad preview tool, you can select tools at the top, or hover over the speech bubble & click the link.

The ad preview acts much like normal google search.

But you should see an ad highlighted in green if your ad is showing,

First type in the keyword you want to check if your ad is showing for and click preview.

On this occasion we are showing at the top, if you wanted to share this tool with someone

So they could see this in real time, there is a blue button labelled “share this search”.

Click it and you will be provided the link, copy the link and select done.

I am previewing in incognito mode just to check the link works, but this is not needed

This is particularly helpful if you show ads in a country you are not in as you get a preview of how it looks in that country.


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Thomas Green is a Certified Adwords Professional and specialises in direct response marketing. He has over 6 years PPC experience and has a straight forward approach to what works and what doesn’t!

Thomas Green


Share A Link To The Adwords Ad Preview Tool