The Best Ways To Get Adwords Help

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If you are taking on Adwords yourself and spending any significant time on it, there is a high probability you are going to need some help along the way.

As I have previously been in the situation of needing help many times (!),  I have some tips for you about the best places to get some Adwords help!

The Google Adwords Youtube Channel

Google is constantly posting new videos to their channel and there is a ton of information to learn from. They also regularly do live hangouts where you can interact. A lot of the videos include members of the Adwords help desk who tend to be very knowledgeable.

You can also comment below the videos with your questions.


Instant Chat Guide

The instant chat function is great for quick bits of advice from the Adwords team. First, click the wheel in the top right hand corner, then as below click help:

instant chat

Then as per below, click live chat:

adwords help

Then select a category, type in your help request and click start chat:

adwords live chat

If you have a complex issue, remember you have to type your whole problem to the person on the other end, so I would advise calling if it takes a while to explain your issue!


Adwords Telephone number

0800 169 0409

The Adwords team in Ireland is excellent, I have spoken to many members of the team and the quality of the help tends to be much higher than that of instant chat.  I tend to save the particularly difficult issues for the telephone support team, as I know the help is likely to be very good.

They are available 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-5pm on Friday.


Adwords Email

Adwords help by email tends to be a little inefficient, not due to the people themselves, but due to the issues being complex and needing more clarification than email can give. I would avoid this option unless instant chat and speaking by phone is not possible. The only potential benefit would be if you want to speak to a particular team member, but even then email is not ideal when dealing in technical Adwords issues.


Looking Past the top few results

When googling Adwords issues, the content created by Google tends to come up in the top few results, partly because Google is a massive authority on this topic, but also as they tend to have a pretty large budget for creating content in many different forms to be helpful for the user. This means they dominate the results and probably don’t have to tweak their algorithm to do it.

Most of the time Google will be able to address your issue if you are willing to read enough, but there are instances where if you are specific enough with your search, Google do not have the content which will be able to help you. In this instance I would look a few results down, as often this will help when solving your problem or answering your question.

This has happened to me on a few occasions, where the answer to my question has been lower down the page than the top 3 search results.

The last help suggestion is to get an Adwords Manager to do it for you! Ethical Marketing Service has quite a bit of experience with Adwords and would like to help you with your Adwords activity. Get in touch today and ask about our guarantee