The Google Ads Report Editor

Recently Google Ads has introduced the report editor tab, this was announced on stage by Google with the idea being that since companies are constantly exporting and manipulating data outside Google Ads, they made a tool which made this a bit easier. These tools consist of:

The Google Ads Table Report

The Google Ads Pie Chart

The Google Ads Line Chart

The Google Ads Bar Chart

On a positive note, The Google Ads Report Editor can change data very quickly, you can swap one metric for another in a couple of clicks and it is all very graphically pleasing.

The only negative I would say is that you cannot put multiple charts on the same document, I am sure at some stage it will be possible, but as for now, you can only choose one of the above and export that one chart into pdf or png format (excluding the table which is in csv format).

I suggest that if you export the table first and then create the graphs in png format and paste it into your excel doc.