The Reason Why

The Reason Why Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. Today I wanted to talk you through “The Reason Why”. From my experience when referring to this in marketing it is regarding the offer. So if you are putting on a special promotion of some sort, there should be a reason why you are doing it. Because if there is no reason, It often looks like the real price of what you are selling has been inflated to cover the percentage off.

Today I wanted to go through some other ways you can use “the reason why” in your marketing. They are:

Number 1: A reason why they should trust you if they are not already aware of who you are.

I doubt it will be new to you if I say that… Clients like to do business with people they know, like and trust. But trust is a very important consideration as if they don’t trust you, the chances of them being a customer of yours decreases. I think this is such a big subject that I will do a separate video on trust in marketing. Because I think it’s an important one.

Number 2: Reason why they should respond now as opposed to some other time

To summarise this it would be a deadline and I think I have mentioned before. It’s really important to be genuine about scarcity, so if you can’t put a deadline on your product or service. Then it should be on a bonus. You are only offering the bonus for a specific amount of time. Or there is only so many of the bonuses available.

Number 3: Reason why they should use your product or service over any and every other option which is available on the market.

Important to remember when answering that one is that they also have the option of doing nothing, so you have to give them a solid reason why your company is the one they should do business with – this probably requires some work because it comes back to having a solid USP, but it’s worth the time investment. They should want to do business with you because it’s in there interest to is the summary there.

I hope that has given you practical value today. if you need any help you can visit us at The reason why you should is that we offer a money back guarantee on a lot of our services. To my knowledge there isn’t anyone else doing that for these services. Until next time.