Using Adwords To Combine Demographics

Using Adwords To Combine Demographics Transcript

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I have just come across what I suspect is a new feature within google Adwords.

If you go to your campaign and go to audiences, you can select demographics and there’s this little feature here which says view demographic combinations. If you click that, it’ll go to “on” and you select your demographic from the drop-down.

Then we’ve selected gender, we then select age and what this does, is basically breaks down the stats by male female or unknown if they’re not logged in and by the age range they are in.

The significance of this is that the campaign that we have right now is a pretty bad example, because it hasn’t been running for very long and there’s not a lot of data in it, but if you had a good amount of data in your campaign, you can select the time frame and then you would see a trend probably, in the type of people that are a visiting your website, searching for your product or service, Then also the conversions that you’re getting.

If it is the case that you start to see more people of a particular age range both visiting your website and buying your product or service, then you might update your website with particular ad copy to be more appealing to that particular age group and gender and also you can add bid adjustments to these demographics.

You might consider increasing your bid if it’s profitable for particular genders and demographics and also decreasing if its unprofitable.

In this instance our first conversion came from a male age of 25 to 34.

The sample size is very low, so I wouldn’t do anything with that as yet, but the idea of this, is if you’ve got a significant amount of data in your account, then this could look to be quite useful.

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