Using Your Story In Your Marketing

Using Your Story In Your Marketing Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. Today I wanted to talk to you about using your story in your marketing message. This is something that I personally haven’t been great at. The reason why is that I hadn’t heard anyone talking about why it’s important.

I have heard many people talking about the power of story telling. How it can be used to convey certain points, but never when it’s specifically your story.

Whenever you are marketing to someone, typically what they have in their head is “Why Should I choose you?” and I do have a video titled “How To Answer “Why Should I Do Business With You?” Which I would recommend if you haven’t already seen it.

Your story is a justification to your prospect as to why you are qualified to be the person they should do business with.

So it is a part of the puzzle needed to make your case to your prospect. Much like a testimonial or a product demonstration. Your story needs to be able to tell your prospect why you are the business they should choose. That’s why it’s so important.

When we get into the arena of story telling and persuasion. You don’t want to be doing this at random. It needs to be somewhat formulaic and an example of that is the before and after:

“I was struggling with X and then I did Y and everything changed for me.”

Before and afters are often used in weight loss or fitness as proof. But If you think about it, there is also the rags to riches story. “I was broke and struggling in business, then I came up with X and everything changed for me.”

A Story I really like is from the innocent founders, they make smoothies and the story goes:

Quote “The boys sell their first smoothies from a stall at a music festival in London. A sign above the stall reads “Should we give up our jobs to make these smoothies?” and people are asked to throw their empties into bins marked ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.”

As I understand it, the result was overwhelmingly yes. I really like that story and there is also some social proof in there. Many other people like our smoothies so you will too.

In that example, I am sure there was all sorts they could have talked about in their story. But they chose something interesting and it’s persuasive, makes me want to go and grab one. So what story are you using in your marketing message? How can you add something more compelling into it to assist your sales? I actually think that the classic “about us” page on most websites that everyone neglects to spend any real time on is meant for this. So if you have an about us page which is looking a bit dated, it might require some attention.

If you need any help crafting your story, you can visit us at and I’ll speak to you soon.