What Should I Write On My Landing Page?

What Should I Write On My Landing Page? Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I wanted to share with you something which often causes some confusion and that is what copy should be on your landing page.

It’s possible to go into more depth on this but this is a quick summary with the first part coming from a copywriter by the name of John Carlton. John Carlton (if I am not misquoting) says the basic breakdown of a sales page consists of three parts.

-Number one, what have you got, in other words what you are selling.

-Number two, what’s in it for them. For more on this I might look into features versus benefits.

-Number three, what do you want them to do next and this might be referred to as the call to action the specifics may change depending on what you are selling or promoting.

I find that to be really useful structure as you write copy for a landing or a sales page.

The second part of this comes from another well-known copy writer by the name of Joseph Sugarman. Who coined the phrase the slippery slide and this means when the reader is reading your sales copy it should feel like they are going down a slippery slide.

Where they start at the top which would be your headline, the job of the headline is to get the reader to read the sub-headline. The job of the sub headline is to get them to read the copy. The job of the copy is to get them to read or to get them to the end. which is where the call-to-action is.

If you think of your copy like a slippery slide where each part of it is meant to keep that prospect reading until the next part. Now, as you get more people reading more of your copy getting a more persuasive pitch which may result in more conversions for you.

Hopefully you have got some value from this today if you or your business needs any help you can visit us at ethicalmarketingservice.com

There is a series of questions which, if you go through them you can see the services we might be able to help you with and if we can’t help no problem I will keep putting out content which I hope is beneficial for you and your business. Thanks for listening and I’ll speak to you soon.