What To Write In Your Ads

What To Write In Your Ads Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service, today I would like to share with you a template to follow when you create your ads.

Often it’s the case that if you are creating digital marketing ads and have those blank spaces looking back at you, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little guidance, so this is how we would start.

We are going to first pre qualify our prospect, this means talking directly to them in your headline, ideally this would be something formulaic and if you want examples of tested headlines which are formulaic for you to use on an ongoing basis I would recommend the book the ultimate sales letter by dan kennedy, my market is business owners, so a couple of examples might be

“attention business owners” or “are you a business owner” or “if you are a business owner” so 3 examples there, attention, are you and if you are, you would of course put whoever your prospect is in there…

Next, you need to link it back to what you do, so in my example my clients want to grow their businesses, so the ad would start with “If you are a business owner who needs more clients” and then after that we would add a feature and a benefit, a feature will help them understand what you do and a benefit is important because people only care about how it affects them, so the feature is 

“We are a google partner who offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee” followed by a benefit “which means that you get use our of expertise completely risk free” lastly you need your call to action and you need to think about this carefully because depending on what business you are in, you may get a better response doing lead gen than asking directly for a sale, in this instance, I am looking for calls, so I am going to say “Call now and claim your free google ads audit”.

So all the way through it is “If you are a business owner who needs more clients, we are a google partner who offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which means that you get use of our expertise completely risk free, Call now and claim your free google ads audit”

Knowing the character limitations as I do for the various digital medias that we work on, it’s possible that you may have to summarise that a bit, but the example should help you with a formula of what to put in your ads. If you have found this to be helpful and you need any help, visit us at ethicalmarketingservice.com and I will speak to you soon.