Why Every Business Should Redeem A Google Ads Voucher

Turn your £25 into £100 – Sounds pretty good on its own right?

adwords voucher

Well that’s pretty much how it works. It sounds a lot like something you might hear with extreme terms & conditions applied, but believe it or not its a pretty great offer.

The main condition is, it has to be a new account – other than that, when you spend £25 on advertising, Google credits your account with £75.

So why do I say that every business should redeem their Google Ads voucher?

A big principle of marketing is testing, although £100 is not exactly an excessive test, it does tend to produce at least some enquiries. Most businesses have the perception that whenever they take action on this type of activity for the first time, it will be something they regret or something to fear. This particular offer means that all you have to do as a business is commit to spending £25. Not exactly a big commitment when the upside can be so positive.

This introductory offer allows the business to see that they can get results from this media and it is a worthwhile endeavour. Alternatively if you do not get the results you wanted, you haven’t lost a great deal by trying it.

If you are in the position where you also have the liability of the agency fee, we offer a money back guarantee meaning that if you don’t get the value required from the 1 months management, you pay nothing except the £25 to Adwords.

Of all the potential advertising to test, a £25 fee for a £100 value and for it to be all done for you, is a pretty amazing deal.

To claim the Google Ads Voucher in the UK all you have to do is visit:


Enter your email address and you will be sent a voucher code. Once you have created your Google Ads account you can redeem the voucher in the Billing part of Adwords. Alternatively your account manager can help do this for you if you have choose one.

Google also sometimes offer vouchers to incentivise accounts to make particular changes. A while ago they offered a free voucher for existing accounts that did not have conversion tracking installed which was a great incentive.

Some people sell vouchers on sites like Ebay, but they are a free offer from Google so be sure you follow the above rather than purchasing one when you don’t have to.

There has also been a lot of people attempting to abuse the offer by opening multiple accounts and claiming multiple vouchers. This results in account suspension and the people in question being unable to open further accounts, Google is not silly and we do not recommend this practice.

Although the voucher offer has been running for a while (with varying amounts) it is well worth trying and due to the popularity of Google Ads , could well be removed at any time – get involved today by emailing


and we will help you through the process.