10 Reasons Your Business Should Use A Google Ads Management Service

This is for anyone who is considering if they should use a Google Ads management service for their business.

The below include 10 solid reasons why this innovative media should be a part of your marketing plan.

1) Multiple ways to measure response

Conversion Tracking allows you to see how many enquiries are driven by Google Ads and which campaign, adgroup, ad and keyword delivered the conversion.

Google Ads call Tracking allows Google Ads to track the calls you get from people who call when they see your ad and also once they have visited your site. It can state the time they called, the duration and the area code they called from. This feature is at no additional cost.

Event tracking in Google analytics can be imported into Google As, this can allow you to measure the amount of times a visitor as exhibited a particular behaviour. Downloaded a free PDF or watched your video? You can track it and measure the response.

2) Growing number of people looking to search engines for services

There has been a recent study on internet activity on the devices people use and mobile devices are currently growing at a rate of over 50% – A massive amount of mobile activity would lead you to believe that desktop activity is reducing. This is surprisingly not the case. Desktop activity is on a very slight increase also.

Waiting around for something? Maybe out to dinner or perhaps travelling from A to B? You will probably notice people on their smart phones! And you guessed it, a lot of the time they are on the web.

A great video from Google including recent mobile traffic increases and innovation can be viewed below:

3) The New Cost Per Lead Option

A moderately new feature which has recently been released by Google called Call Only Campaigns is a major innovation for anyone who is willing to pay for phone calls to their business.

The campaign works the same way as a normal search campaign would, meaning you bid on keywords and pay for clicks, but the clicks you are paying for, are actually calls to your business.

The success of these types of campaigns depends heavily on the niche you are in – if your business does not tend to get high call volumes, performance can be tricky as people on mobiles can click expecting to go to a site, but they are calling and don’t know it. They then hang up and you are charged much more than a normal click, without any result. On the other hand, click to call can be great and has worked wonders for businesses that deal with calls on a regular basis.

It has also capitalised on the massive increase in mobile activity over the last few years.

Click to call Call Only Campaign

4) More than just one opportunity to market to prospects

Remarketing! Once people visit your site and you have the Remarketing tag present (a small piece of code), you have the opportunity to advertise to them again for up to two years.

Remarketing tends to be cheaper from a cost per click perspective so once someone visits your site from any media, you have the ability to “remarket” to them again and you can specify a particular behaviour they must have made.

If they have started the checkout process and then abandoned their shopping cart, you can show ads catered to that exact behaviour. You can even show them the exact product they were looking at, using something called Dynamic Remarketing.

5) Demographic Targeting

Upon reflection businesses tend to find their customers meet a particular criteria. On the display network companies can target a particular demographic. These settings can be broken down by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Parental Status

You can also target peoples topic of interest and manually place ads on chosen websites. Demographic targeting is normally particularly effective when your business deals exclusively with a particular type of person. That way all your marketing is shown to the most likely prospects.

6) Location Targeting

Do your particular customers come from a particular location? Or are you a local business who doesn’t need to advertise nationally? This information can be used and found within Google Ads.

But wait, do you know of somewhere you really wouldn’t want your ad to come up? Will that be an issue if you target your local area? This is no problem for Google Ads, you can include or exclude any particular location whenever you choose and it updates almost instantly. How does this compare to other forms of advertising?

7) Real time ROI

Most advertising is quite inflexible, you pay a hefty fee upfront and you wait for the results to come in over time. With Google Ads you can scale up or scale down activity based on the circumstances or activity of the business. ROI dropping or potential cash flow issue, perhaps a drop in activity or spend might be required.

Things going particularly well for your business or the campaign is firing on all cylinders? This is the best time to increase the prominence of the campaigns.

8) Change your message to your prospects instantly

Your business credentials or selling points can often change, have you recently acquired more prominence in your industry or perhaps received a sought after award?

Get it showing on Google Ads in minutes and test its efficiency at driving clicks and conversions.

9) Push vs Pull Advertising

This applies to all of Google Search rather than just PPC, but when you think about all of the advertising that exists, if it is TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Bus Stops, Direct Mail, the list goes on, all of it involves someone going about their business not seeking out any particular product or service and then out of the blue, there is an advertiser pushing and promoting their product regardless of if the person wanted or was interested in it or not.

Then consider the user searching for something on Google…

What a profound difference.

They are actively asking for you to show them something they are looking for. Just imagine the difference in the receptiveness of the searcher. Amazing if you really think about it.

The only thing that perhaps used to meet this criteria was the yellow pages. Only now people are carrying one around with them in the form of the mobile phone and can call for something they are looking for at the click of a button or even send you money through this device.

You can show them the experience they can expect to get from doing business with you via online video and if a particular ad is doing well for you, make it more prominent in a matter of seconds.

To understand the potential and significance of the above, all you have to do is look at Googles earnings last year to understand it (Google is expected to make over $60 billion this year).

10) Only pay for results

The word results needs to be defined here, as this article is really comparing Google Ads to other forms of marketing you might choose. And Google themselves are a little guilty of stating you only pay for results when most people if they were to state that, would by implication mean you only pay when you get an enquiry. In this instance, what is meant is you only pay when someone clicks and visits your site.

Theoretically it is possible for you to have ads showing on Google Ads and it wont cost you anything. In practice though, the chances of this making any difference to your business is very small and clicks to your website don’t necessarily mean anything, its all about how many of those you convert.

The other side of this though is if you compare Google Ads to other forms of marketing, you could place an ad in a magazine or on the Radio, there is an upfront significant cost and it’s possible or perhaps even likely, know one might pay attention to it at all! The money is gone and you have zero feedback about why or what happened.

Making this comparison shows how much more risk you are taking when choosing other forms of advertising.

You can download a free audio book here on 7 things you must know before hiring anyone for PPC to help you decide on the right Google Ads management service.