Overcoming Adversity With Kalpna Suthar

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the podcast today, we have Kalpna Suthar. Kalpna, welcome.

Thanks for having me here on your podcast.

It is my pleasure. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Yes, awesome. So my name is Kalpna Suthar. I am the CEO and founder of Uncensored Society and what that really means is our help business owners, entrepreneurs on five main pillars of business, which is sales, marketing, finance, operations and leadership. And of course we also thrown elements of things that mindset and career and life balance as well. So all of that can comprise together help several people all over the world to be able to kind of start their business and also scale the business sounds useful. I should be able to go from the conversation, I hope you do and your audience as well. Well, the topic of conversation, at least the proposed one, is how to deal with adversity. So are you happy to talk about that today?

Oh yes, I don’t want to start with that. I could go on and on to deal with adversity. So just to kind of get a background on how this all started. So before I even joined this industry, believe it or not, I was a police officer in London UK and I was an officer for 6.5 years, you know, chasing criminals and you know, getting these bad guys off the streets and well, one morning I woke up and I went into the shower as you normally do you know. As soon as the water touched my skin, it started burning. I jumped out, went straight in front of the mirror and found in my entire body came out in a rash. No idea how this happened. I was perfectly fine when I went to sleep the night before. And so I called up my friend whose mom is a nurse, told her, she goes to me, you need to get to the hospital, go to the hospital right now. So how’s all what’s going on? Should I just get to the hospital?

So I got to the hospital, they did all these tests and everything calmed me. Was there for a few hours and I waited in the consultation room at the end for the doctor to come in to give me my results. And as soon as he walked into the consultation room, he looked at many goes, you were lucky you got here when you did. So my reaction was that why? What’s going on? What’s happened? And he goes if you didn’t get here when you did, your throat would have closed up. So at that point I was like, well what if my throat closed up during the night I would never have seen the next morning. And so I carried and ask them how did this happen? What’s the cause of it? And he said to me this type of rashes due to being overly stressed. So at that point I was like, well I can’t do what I’m doing because I mean as a police officer, you’re around negativity 24/7. You can’t get away from it, right? There’s no positive elements to being a police officer apart from catching the bad guys, right? And so I decided at that point that I’m gonna quit my job, I don’t know what I’m gonna do and have no plan but figured you know what, I’ve got money enough saved up for six months for me to figure this out.

And so I’ll quit because at the end of the day I was that is my life that’s on the line and I’m going to do something about it. Clearly what I was doing wasn’t working, I need I need to change something and so I quit straight after I was right, okay, I’ve got to figure this out. I was like, I like the idea of building a business. I had no idea what kind of business, what service, what product. I just like the idea of being my own boss, Right? Because I in my 20’s I had gone through job to job to job to job and again, I had family and friends telling me, you know what, you need to find one job and stick to it once you stick to it, you got to keep going when you retire and that’s it, right? Because that’s what they do, that’s what my parents have done. And so they kept telling me, you know what, the way you’re living isn’t right? You know the way you’re going from job to job isn’t right? But to me, I kept going job to job because I was trying to find to try to seek what it was that I wanted to do, and I wasn’t happy in any of those roles, which is why I kept jumping from one thing to another and it was really kind of drastic the different jobs I was doing.

So one minute I worked in a magistrate’s court, the next minute I was watching the college, the next minute I was working in events, the next minute I was working as a youth worker. So it was so varied and I was just trying to seek out what it is that I really wanted to do, rather than just kind of stick to a job retiring than diet, right, That’s really what people are doing. And so once I quit my police officer job, I was like, right, I’ve got six months to figure this out, let me see what happened and no word of a lie, Like the minute I did this, the minute I quit my job, all of a sudden all these doors started opening all these opportunities kept coming my way and I was like, oh my God, I should have done this from years ago, right? Why did I not figure this one out? And so all of a sudden, these opportunities were coming my way. Now there were opportunities, not building my business, but it was the journey and exploring the things I could do regard to building a business.

So, first of all, I was given an opportunity and I don’t even know why I said yes, it is. But as a campaign manager for liberal democrat during the elections right now, the number one thing that I learned, there was, there’s actually more criminals in politics than there are in the prisons and the things that I learned that I was just like, I was horrified. And I was like, okay, if the police force didn’t work for me, politics definitely isn’t for me, right? So I did a few months there and then a week or so later, Ivan had another opportunity to come my way. So all of these things just happen one after another, like it was just meant to be and this opportunity was for me to travel around the world or paid for accommodation, paid for and to work at live events, business events, right? So, I’m like, okay, this is interesting. It’s almost too good to be true. Who offers you an opportunity like that?

Never really ever happens, right? And so I was like, well, I’ve got nothing to lose. Let me see how this goes. And the first place they sent me to, they said to me, you’ve got two days to pack and you’re flying to Malaysia, I’m like, oh wow, okay. So I went to Malaysia and for many years this is what I was doing, just living out of a suitcase, go from event to event country to country, city to city, town to town and really serving people at these events and at the same time I was learning through these gurus, I was learning through the speakers, you know, that we’re talking about digital marketing, that we’re talking about copyrighting, that we’re talking about, you know, e commerce and you know, setting up stores online and amazon all this kind of stuff. And I’m like, okay, there’s something behind this whole digital business, right? And so I started exploring a little bit more and learning a little bit more. And what really surprised me was that at that point I really learned the difference from being a boss, right?

And being an employee and, and you know, having a boss above you and then being a leader. So many of these gurus that have actually spoken to and seen they love to kind of lead their team, they like to help their team grow, right? Whereas when you’re in the corporate world, right, you just get dictated, do this, do that, don’t do this, you’re doing this room. And I’ve never, ever in the different jobs I’ve had had a boss that was actually a leader and that’s the biggest difference between the corporate world and then in actual business world and so kind of learning those elements on how to lead and what the differences and you know, how to hire and how to treat staff, how to keep staff, how to help them develop as well, was something that I was intrigued by because I was like, well yeah, this is what it’s all about, this is how it should be, but it’s not like that in the corporate world at all. And so what I started doing is go into these events serving people, learning myself as well, seeing how actual business works from these gurus and being in the back end and just seeing how it all kind of takes over and so I then kind of came to a point, right, well I want to start my own business, I know what I want to do speaking to these clients at these events, there’s one particular thing that was missing that no or not many gurus or speakers leaders actually do and that is just being brutally honest with your clients and telling them what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

Okay now that was very different to the way I actually serve people and the clients at the event so the difference is I got very deep and the conversations are having people very deep, my strategy calls, you know, kind of helping people look at different perspective on things. And it’s funny because on my consultation table, the team always made sure there was a box of tissues because at some point every single person that comes to my table to have a conversation with me is going to cry. Unfortunately it would be a good thing or a bad thing. They’ve had a revelation on something, but they always seem to cry and it’s because it’s the kind of conversation you have and you get very deep with people actually find out there why what’s going on with it, right? And people don’t actually take that time because what you’ll find as well as a lot of sales people, especially these events there just there for the money, let’s just get the money. However way we can just want to get the money. Well the thing is you’re going to work so hard to try and get the money as a salesperson has a business owner.

When you’re first starting out, if you’re just focusing on getting the money. Okay? Now if you start focusing more on your client and they can actually see that okay, this person is actually interested in me. They actually want to know about me. They’re taking the time out to it to help me figure this out the minute they feel loved and they feel cared about. But the easier is that they’ll just end up throwing the card at you okay because they can see that you’re someone of service that’s there to help them to help them grow. And therefore that’s what they are looking for because there’s too many people in the industry that just want to get the card and that’s all it is, right. And so I realised that my strategy, the way I’m having these conversations with people is what people are looking for, but they’re not actually getting. And so my coaching and my company is called Uncensored Society. And the reason why I named it Uncensored Society because everyone that joins my program has to have the attitude of being raw, real and relentless of getting to their dreams.

Like there’s no excuses. There’s no, oh, I don’t have the time or I’ve got this to do. And I’ve got kids and I, well, sorry. But other people have kids, other people have responsibility. Life is life. But if you’re really serious about getting to your goals, Then there’s no excuses. You’ve got to make it happen. Otherwise you’re going to keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow and I’ll do it tomorrow, do it tomorrow. And by the time you know it, you’re going to be 60, right? And where’s all that time gone. And so the way I do my coaching is very, some people say it’s brutal. I just say it’s just, it’s just being very, very honest. And so that’s why when people actually apply for my program, you’ve got to apply application only because I’m looking for that particular person. Because I want to get results, not just the clients, but I need the client and I want to see the results. I need them to follow a system. They’ve got to be coachable. And if you’re going to start getting amazing and I am going to be there to, you know, kick you up the backside and tell you what’s going on here, right?

I will keep you accountable. And people do cry. Want to have these conversations with them. And so if you’re one of those people that I’m not going to be serious and not committed, not driven and you’re scared of you know, me being there patting on the shoulder and saying to you what’s going on, then don’t join my program because I’m not going to be one of those people that molecule you and put you on the head and tell you that life is going to be okay. It’s not gonna happen. Right. Life isn’t going to be okay. You’ve got to take action. You got to do something about it. That’s great. Great opener. So thank you for that load of things to follow up on uh, to start off with, you mentioned the police. I don’t know the negativity I think was the way that you phrased it, the way that I’ve heard that job being described is you’re spending all of your time protecting the 99% from the 1%. And so I can imagine how that would be tough.

Is there anything that you think specifically made you react in the way that you did? Was there any tipping point or was it Oh God, that there was, there was many, but I guess, um, towards the end, um, it was a lot of changes, governmental changes and this is when Theresa May came in and she just completely bossed the whole system up. Right? And so, um, it was almost like we were expected to do more work more hours but not get rewarded for it, right? And it just took a toll on everyone’s body. But you know what, I never realised, I knew that I didn’t like the negativity and it was getting to me, but I didn’t actually realise how much it was told it was actually taking on my body. And I don’t think a lot of people feel that way I feel, I feel like they don’t want to stress that they don’t really realise how much of a stress it causes on the body until you react a certain way. But then if you’re lucky, right?

It’s too late. But it’s not too late because you might react to it and something really bad happens and you know, you got to do something about it or it might be too late to a point where maybe my throat would have closed up that night and I would have woke up the next morning, right? So it’s I think it’s been aware of what’s going on with yourself and knowing yourself and your body in order to make those changes. Now, the reason why I decided that okay, I’m not going to continue right, wasn’t just because of my reaction and what happened, although that played a big part, but I was kind of like, I was thinking about it for a long time, but there was no reason or no good enough reason to kind of say all right, I’m gonna leave now when, when I was thinking about the good in the bed, the minute of my life was on the line, I was like, okay, this is this is great big wake up call, right?

There’s alarms ringing off the hook, telling me all right, come on, now, you got to make some changes, but it was playing on my mind for some time. And so that was one of the things that tipped me over the edge. but there were so many different changes in the entire policy policing, that it was just not headed in the right direction or the direction that I wanted to be in. Yeah, it looked like it was going to get more stressful. I would imagine you also mentioned about job hopping. I was also exactly the same. and I also got the kind of feedback that you did in the sense that you know from everyone around you, they’re telling you to stick with one thing so that you get good at it and you stay in that job, I didn’t I wasn’t doing this consciously, but since you know being involved in self-development and as you said digital marketing, I’ve heard it described as like testing, so you’re testing things in order to find out what you do and don’t like, and then when you get in the way that you have, you know, it’s easy to stick to because you just presumably you enjoy what you do exactly, and what I’ve actually heard from various gurus is that apparently in your twenties you’re meant to be experimenting, you’re meant to be kind of going from job to job to see what you like, what you don’t like, and then when it comes to your thirties you should basically have figured out what it is that you want to do and don’t want to do by the time you’re in your forties, you should be making pretty, you know, a substantial amount of money in the kind of job or business that you’ve got there, And then 50, you kind of think about retiring right?

So I was at the minute, I heard what I guess as an entrepreneur in my 20s, I was doing the right thing, right and going jobs a job and trying to figure all of this out. And so where most of the society, you know, culture tells you, you know, you should be doing that, that’s so wrong. You’re living your bag completely your life completely wrong and you know, you stick meant to stick to one job as soon as you finish, you know, you meant to stick to that job just to retire. I’m like, well that’s where most of the world is going wrong. And I think growing up one of the things and people still tell me this, they always tell me, oh my God, it’s so weird. Just a weird, like we don’t understand the kind of things that you’re doing and why you’re doing and you just weird and I have a mentor right now I believe in coaches, I believe in mentors in all areas of my life, especially the places that are we to step and he just told me, well that was a hint to tell, you need to find new friends.

The people that you’re hanging around with, right, clearly are not on the same wavelength as you right there in a different place and you need to find more friends. He goes now you’ve got these particular friends in business and industry, have any one of those calls you weird. I know you guys that’s because they’re on the same wavelength to that’s interesting. Yeah, but I guess when you’re younger and you’re in that situation, you don’t realise that you think why is it wrong calling me weird for, you know? Yeah, I haven’t heard that, so that’s a really interesting bit sad I suppose if you had like years of friendship, but then I guess you get to a point as well when you kind of realise you’re going in a completely different direction to most people around you and that’s when you got to kind of do the spring cleaning unfortunately and decide, you know, maybe you do need to kind of have new friends and maybe you have left the people that you grew up with behind or at least start to manage the amount of time that you spend with certain people, I suppose.

Exactly that too, yes, gurus a few times. I think it’s worth maybe a definition just because like some people use it positively, some people sell against it. so what, what do you mean by the term guru? Okay, so the term goal, I mean, is someone who’s an expert in their field that has been there themselves, right? kind of knows the struggles, the pit bulls has kind of figured out how to get around them and has actually someone not just telling your story and telling you what you need to do, but has been in those shoes and has actually done it, experienced it and has come at the other end of it, that is a good to me, so it would be more of a positive, positive. Oh definitely. Yes and regarding, I think it’s a great story certainly has some adversity in it going along the lines of what people can learn from it based on what you know, what you’ve been through.

You know what you’ve learned. What, what would you say? The principle is that other people can apply. Yeah. So the biggest thing is that people need to learn to fail right, learn to fill as many times as possible and learn to fail big. Now a few years ago I was actually called to go to Costa Rica and be there for a few months to help another CEO a speaker go with events in Costa Rica and I thought okay, that’s amazing. So I packed my bags and flew over. Everything was all good. It was actually a beach resort. You know the views were amazing under the sound. Palm trees, swimming port like it was like paradise. And so I was there for three weeks, everything was going great. And then the company shut down right, it just click of a finger, it just shut down, which meant I had no shelter because the company was paying for it and the account shut down.

So they were no longer paying for that. They were painful. My food, the painful drinks, I had no water, I had no food. and I was expected to fly back until a few months later, which means I was stuck in Costa Rica for a few months with no shelter through the water. And at that point I was like, holy crap, what am I going to do now? I’ve let, I’m literally homeless now in a foreign country. I don’t speak the language or the hell am I going to. Um, and so I had to kind of think of the positive side of it. I was like, it could be much worse. Right? I’ve got, I’ve got the beach, I’ve got the sun, right? I can sleep on the beach. It’s perfectly fine. Right? I can get away with that for a few days. Um, and so after my brain started ticket and I was like, okay, I gotta do something to at least be able to survive and have the basics and so on the beachfront, there were several different hotels and I was out with everything I’ve learned with my skills from these gurus that I’ve been, you know, following and everything.

I decided to approach these hotels and say to them, okay, I can shop to get more customers in. Let’s get leads in. I can help you with the market and I can help with the graphics, I can help you lead migrants, I can help with photography, all of that stuff. Let me help you get leads in. But I need accommodation. I need food and I need water and that’s how I survived for a couple of weeks after that. Right? Just to make sure one basic needs women and then eventually I was able to fly back to London. So no sleeping on the beach. no sleep on the beach. I didn’t need to sleep on that have the view or there was a guy on the beach awesome. but I mean that that was a huge lesson. and honestly there was something that was telling me and I always believe you always go with your gut feeling, okay when it comes to business, go with your gut feeling. I knew that was gonna be okay. I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when it was a little pine out and work out, but I knew I was going to be ok, right?

And I was with two other people that were working with me on the team who were completely stressing out. They were pulling out their hair, right? And all I could do at that point was just laugh. I couldn’t do nothing but laugh and people can’t ask me, why are you laughing? Like what are you gonna do? And the only reason I was laughing was because Duma reading through my studies, I have learned that most of these people who are now multi-millionaires, billionaires, they’ve been through similar situations where they’ve lost everything and I’m like holy crap, maybe this is the right thing. This is the site of tell me I’m going to be a billionaire one day, right? If I’m in the same position where these other people have been, this is a, this is probably a positive sign, right? So that’s the way I looked at it, right? And I was like, well, I’m not silly. I can figure this out. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna do it, but I will figure it out. And all I can do is laugh.

I’ve got the beaches, the scenery, it could be worse. And, and so that’s what I pretty much did and just help people get more customers and leads in. Yeah, and just kind of compromise and got shelter, water and food and that was it. The thing I like about that is you know how the topic of mindset is often discussed, but where the quote unquote rubber meets the road is where you really get put in a tough situation and that’s when you see whether or not it’s kind of all theory or whether you can apply it. And I had an example coming like this when everything that’s been going on societally of late. Whether or not the types of people, you know, some people went for it and some people are doing just fine as a result of it. And some people all right. You know, that’s it. I have to close and it’s where the mindset doesn’t, doesn’t kick in.

Yeah, I mean as business owners, entrepreneurs, you’ve got to be creative, right, You’ve got to start thinking out of the box and you’ve got to adapt. If you’re not able to adapt to the way the world changes, then you’re going to get completely stuck, you’re going to end up failing and because at the end of the day, we need to change the world, the world isn’t going to change thus, right? And if you’re gonna be waiting for the world to work out the way you want it to work out well, you’re just gonna be digging yourself a bigger hole, right? So you’re being creative and that’s what I mean, I mean fail, fail to the point where you’re so stuck that you kind of forces you to think out the box and get creative in order to survive. Now, if you can do that, there’s nothing that the world can throw you, that you won’t be able to survive. You mentioned your coaching style, which is – correct me if I’m wrong, if I haven’t phrased it correctly – occasionally giving a kick up the backside. Yes.

Where does that come from? Why is it that you take that approach? Because I like that approach myself and so I’ve had a lot of mental coaches and gurus do exactly the same for me and once I didn’t like it in the beginning, I was like, why is this person speaking to me like this, but not realising at the time that they’re doing it for, for the benefit for me, not for them, right? And I, I actually accomplished so much more, right, in the first year and a half of me quitting my job as a police officer and then learning from these gurus than I did in 6.5 years, maybe in a police officer, and that was because of these coaches and mentors actually doing exactly the same to me. Sounds like a really good environment to be in. Yes, it definitely, I didn’t realise the time because I it was a different environment to me, it was something completely new. I didn’t know what was going on half the time, why, you know, why is there someone on stage talking about digital marketing?

What is going on here? What is digital marketing? So, I went in with a completely blank canvas, right? And I was like, right, I want to learn teach me what is this world about. And so I found it easier to kind of learn the new skills that I needed to fall for, that kind of period of time, that journey of mine because I went into as a blank canvas. And it was funny because People were saying to me, you’ve just come into this from a completely different background into this industry, but yet you’re picking up a lot more things than people have been in the industry for 20 years, why is that? And the main reason was because I had nothing to compare this industry too. So a lot of other people in the tea was saying, oh no, this company does it this way, this company does it this way. And I don’t like how this has been done, but I came from a place where was completely different and so I had nothing to compare it to. So all I was open to was alright, teach me, show me how do I do this?

And so when you go in as a blank canvas without any kind of expectations of what it should be or what it shouldn’t be and you’re just willing to learn. That’s when you start picking up things a lot more quicker because you’re open to the different things that’s going on around you. Yeah, no, no pushback all implementation in a way. Yes, exactly. and so that’s the reason why I decided that I want to do my coaching this way and that when I’ve spoken to people, it’s worked every time and then because I was for a long time with the sales team realise that my cells right was so much higher than everybody else is just because of the way I coached spoke to people have these conversations made people cry and the results are there interesting. Yeah. And so like, okay, this is how I want to do my coaching and this is what my business is going to be called and it’s only going to be, you know, to specific people that are, are open to that type of coaching. If someone were to want to be surrounded by, in the way that you were, so, like, it reminds me of a term immersion, so I’m immersing myself in um, positivity in self-development, um, in order to eventually get a particular outcome, which I guess would be either skills based or competence based. Now, presumably, I mean, that isn’t open to someone, they can’t go and do events in business seminars anymore.

What would you encourage them to do? So, how I did, it was for, I think about six months to eight months before I quit the policing job. I was doing a little Germany and I was actually got to a point where I was talking about, you know, the things that I want right now, and then I advanced the writing down, you gotta put on pen and paper, there’s no point in just keep you up there when you put things down on pen and paper, um, it kind of throws you out to the universe, right? You don’t know which direction it’s going to take you when it’s going to happen, but you’re just letting the universe know that this is what you want, this is how you want it, you got to be very specific to what you want as well, and then I kind of said, you know, I want to be, part of a community, a team of people where they push it to be better, I want to be, you know, part of something that it’s, you know, it’s going to be changing the world, changing people’s lives, I want to be part of something that’s bigger in the world, I want to be part of something that you know, where people are kind of guiding me and helping me develop as well, and then, so that constant thing was going around in my head, I was, and I was generally every single day before I went to bed and then what I was doing also in the morning is listening and so it has a subliminal effect on your brain to the secret.

So I used to have that playing on my DVD in the background and so I just kept focused constantly and having all this positivity going in, I’m actually focusing on what I want, and then I think that’s why eventually all these doors started opening up, but I had to take the huge jump and a huge leap of faith, right? And actually completely quitting my job and not having a plan b to figure out what I want you to do. But the minute I took that leap, that’s when things started opening up and I was like, okay, so all someone had to tell me was just quit my job, why didn’t no one tell me that, but I guess it was something that I have to figure out for myself, So get clear on your outcome and immerse yourself in self-development essentially. Yes, definitely. Especially if you’re if you’re currently in a really bad space and you feel like you’re interrupt and to be fair with the pandemic, there is a lot of people unfortunately that are in that place and if you want to get yourself out of it, it means gaining clarity, figuring out what you want and actually now you’ve got the time and maybe if you don’t have a job, you’ve been made redundant now is the time to kind of figure out what is it exactly that you want to do, rather than just going through life?

What is it you want to do, What changes do you want to make, what’s going to actually make you happy, what’s gonna make a difference to you and your family and actually getting clear and you know, start taking certain actions to make that happen. But the first thing you need to do is make sure that your mental wellbeing is of a place where you are open to opportunities, if you’re gonna be worrying constantly stressed out. and you know, just miserable. That is not gonna, things aren’t gonna be opened up to you because you’re constantly in a place of negativity. one of the things which we, well, when we were messaging back and forth before the podcast, you said you were happy to speak about the topic of perception, can you give context there and what your thoughts on that? Yes, so, again, it’s so going back to me and what happened to me in Costa Rica, it’s perception, as you could have been the two people that I was with their and pulling out your hair and you know, just stressing out what you’re gonna do, how you gonna get out of this, where’s your next meal gonna come from?

Or you could have come from a place and look at it as something positive, something for you to learn by something for you to kind of start thinking creatively and thinking out of the box to figure out how you’re able to get out of this. Now, the thing is when you’re so kind of stressed out and frustrated and worried all of a sudden logic goes out of the window, the minute logic goes out of the window, your vision is blurred and therefore you can’t see or figure out any way out of this particular situation. So if you kind of just calm down and figure out, you know, what are the positive sides of this, what could I actually be doing? What could I be learning from this? How can I implement the things that I’ve learned in the last few years to create a positive outcome for this, when you start kind of brings that’s taking away all those things because you have got a clear mind and you are thinking positive, that’s when you get a different perspective, that’s when you start kind of thinking outside the box because you’re no longer in that place of worry.

Yeah, I heard I’m not sure how true it is, but I heard that anger lowers the IQ. I’m not too sure how true that is, but that does make sense. We permanently just when. Exactly. but then I mean I don’t know about you, but I feel like yeah, when I’ve been angry, the minute you get really angry you can’t focus on anything apart from the thing that’s got you angry, right? And therefore or you’re probably just doing this person and cussing and you know all this kind of stuff and then when you calm down and you actually think about the situation, you’re not or maybe this was the case and maybe this did happen. The reason for this person reacted this way was because of X, Y and Z. Right. Then you start thinking logically and we’re like well maybe this person had a point and why she or he said what they did, maybe because they assume this at the other and that’s when your brain starts taking away and kind of trying to figure out why did this particular thing happened, Can you tell me about how the conversation went, when you decided to go into a hotel and propose services in exchange for accommodation, okay, So I was completely honest, and to be fair, the word actually got around as to what had happened.

And so, and I just had some look, you know, I’m not from this country. Um, I’m from the UK, came down to help a team out and this is what’s happened. Now don’t have shelves. So I don’t need I don’t have through and don’t have water. I’m not looking for sympathy, but I do need to be able to for a few weeks, few days. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take, um, to be able to eat, drink and have shelter. And then I started telling them about what my experience was, what my journey was. I said I was a police officer and then, I joined the online industry and what the online industry means about marketing, bringing leasing customers, customer service, you know, making sure that your website is up to date. You’re able to kind of, you know, create content where you’re telling people what you provide, all this kind of stuff. And then I started showing like, do you have them a computer, laptop. Yeah.

So then I started showing them, you know, the different things that people are doing that were part of these particular programs and how far they’ve got and what they do and you know, all these different reviews. Because when people are going to events are constantly clicking away photos, photos, photos, photos, right? And it’s showing, look, this is what people have been putting up on the Facebook, check this out. Look at the reviews. Look at the feedback, look how people have been feeling, right? So I said to them, if I can get those leads in for you, show you not just do it, but actually show you, so you can carry on doing it when I’m not here and so you can get these types of reviews for your company. Would that make a difference? No, like, yeah, so if I’m willing to help you in your business, would you be willing to feed me, shelter me? And you know, and water will be positive. And to them, that was, oh my God, that’s nothing. Of course, yeah.

Because if they hired anybody else to do that, it will cost them thousands, right? And so that was the kind of conversation that I was having with people and it was almost like a no brainer. So is it in the hotel that you already staying at? It was yeah, in the hotel that I was already staying at. And then there was a couple of other places along the resort as well that I approached and they were happy for me to help them as well. So was that like additional accommodation or did you do that for a fee? No. So what I started doing was one place where they were saying, okay, we’ll give you food. So breakfast, lunch and dinner, that’s what I needed? Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So where the main place was giving me accommodation and breakfast and I would have another place where they will be giving me lunch, another place that was giving me a right, and then I was helping out some of the staff that were like behind the bar or in the kitchen and they were so lovely because they heard what happened and they told their family and their wives and their wife started cooking.

And then they were bringing in at work and saying my wife, I made this for you and I was like, oh my goodness. They were like, yeah, we told our wives what happened to you in your story and she was like, yeah, we’ve got to take some food over there to them, to those guys. And so when you actually put yourself out there, no matter how kind of vulnerable you are, what kind of situation you’re in, as long as you’re honest with people and told them, you know, what’s actually happened, how you need their help. People are willing to help. It’s a very entrepreneurial story, which is why I’m smiling a lot, but it reminds me of, have you ever heard the sort of analogy of what would, what would you do if you were like, dropped into a country with no money? and all you had to do was, and no money either? What would you do? You’ve literally lived that story. So it’s kind of why I was interested in hearing more about it. Have you heard of the program called the undercover billionaire? I haven’t watched it, but I have heard of it.

Oh my goodness, I got second season that you have to watch it now, You’ve got these three entrepreneurs. One of them is Grant Cardo, right? So they’re already billionaires, they’ve put them in a remote area, nobody knows them, different identity, different name, right? And all they were given is a truck, A $100 bill in a phone with no contacts and they’ve been told they’ve got 90 days to build a million dollar company with just those three things and actually kind of seeing the turmoil that the kind of mental stability, you need to have what they’re doing on a daily basis to make this happen, and I’m like holy crap, like there’s so many nuggets to be learned. And the number one thing that every single one of them do is that you need to go out there and meet people, you’ve got to find out who’s in your community, you got to talk to people, you need to find out who the people in the top bar in your community, you know, you need to kind of learn to negotiate, you you’ve got to put yourself out there.

So all those people that are scared of talking to people and networking and getting all those Facebook live, because that’s terrifying how your camera in front of your face, right? You’ve got to learn to promote, you’ve got to promote yourself, you go to promote what you do, you’ve got to promote how it’s going to benefit other people if you’re going to be scared and you don’t promote yourself, then you’re never gonna be able to build a business scale of business or even make money because nobody knows who you are, right? So promote, promote, promote, tell people what you do. You’ve got to brag about it, but in business, when you brag about it, it’s not bragging, it’s just business, right, Right? And you’ve got to be good at telling people and feet and you know, actually telling them what you actually do, what your business is, and just kind of sell yourself and your business to as many people as possible. And then just keep promoting and screaming about it, that you’ve got to make so much noise in the industry that no matter where everyone turns, they see you, right?

And so that’s one of the other things I got to tell people when they first started that business, you’ve got to get comfortable and bragging. Well, the other thing, which I’ve got noted down as a potential topic of discussion. There’s three things and we agreed on how to deal with adversity and that’s where you’re stuck in a country with no help, no money. There’s perception which you’ve already highlighted is how you look at that situation and then there’s sales, which you’ve just identified, You know, how you make a sale of. So it’s like the perfect story of those three things. I kind of feel like it leads me to the next question, which is, can you tell me about your business goals? Oh yes, so again, because I come from the world of events and having a pandemic and being stuck at high over and you know, just kind of going crazy, being locked up at home, my goal or next girl probably next year will be to hopefully start doing live events again.

So at the moment I am doing one on one coaching and group questions all on zoom just because the world has actually created it like that right now and so I will eventually be creating workshops and live events and things like that. Next year at the moment, I’m actually promoting my five day challenge and of course it’s called getting Shit done because it’s me. Right? And so that will be starting next month, so if anybody wants to join the five day challenge which is basically looking at your long term short term goals, looking at your perspective, make sure you’re not procrastinating, making excuses how to actually start hitting targets hits and deadlines and getting things ticked off your to do list. Um, and shall, so I actually plan that all out on a five day training on how to do that step by step. So not only do you can kind of take that into your business, you can take that into your everyday life as well, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed that you want to do all these things and it’s not happening and it keeps getting put off, let’s stop that, and let’s actually get shit done now, right.

And so if anyone wants to join me on that, then you can either, you know, hit me up on Facebook, email, website, and I’ll give all those details later on at the end of this podcast, so they can actually go and have a look. But yeah, so my aim is to actually get out there a lot more people in the world, I’m already speaking to people internationally, anyway and that’s amazing. But it’s the whole, what the human to human contact, I feel that this pandemic where people have kind of not had that contact and it’s been on zoom, it’s been on the screen that people actually need that and actually kind of finding out, you know, these people and speaking to them face to face and being at live events. I feel that brings a whole different energy to business people still need that. And so that’s what I want to do. And I actually want to be able to meet the people and you know, I’m a very, my, my communications are you touching feeling maybe people don’t like that, but I am kind of like, you know, like to rub the shoulder, rub the arm and just kind of speak to them and you know, hug them and I’m a huggy person as much as I probably don’t sound it because I make people cry, but I like to hug at the end of it, you know?

And so that human to human contact is something that’s really important. I think it’s important business and then we can’t kind of let that slip either even though, you know, we’ve had the pandemic, we’ve got to make sure that that’s still kicking and alive in the energy still there. And so that’s my plan for the next year. Sounds like a good plan. Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Is there anything that would be a value that I haven’t asked you about today that you’d like to share? Yes, so I want to just go through a bit more on gain different perspectives or positive perspective on anything that you do and in fact, if you don’t mind, I would like to use you as an example. So there’s three main things that are particularly important and that’s time, money and change. But out of those three main things, right? There is one thing that you must have in order to be successful and out of those three things, which one do you think that is time?

Do you say money and change? Probably adapting to change? I would say, right, So a lot of people want to ask him this question, say to me it’s time, right? But then the explanation behind that is that, you know, it’s not time even though that is important, and the reason for that is because no matter where you are in the world, no matter you know what background, what culture you’re from, every single person on this planet has the same time, right? So why is it that there’s some people that are able to make a million dollars a million pounds in one day, but then there’s others that can only make $100. And the reason behind that is because of the different habits people have now, if you change your habits and do what the successful people do, there’s no reason why you can’t, you know, make that million dollars in a day, there’s no reason but you’re gonna be able to be open to change and you’re gonna be able to, you know, want to change and actually take the steps in order to do that.

If you’re gonna keep sticking to what you know, and just do what you what you normally do, then things are never gonna change for you, You’ve got to be able to change your habits in order to change your success level. So that’s the last thing I think that’s really important I wanted to say. So basically I got the answer right? Yes you did. You did rub on the shoulder for me. Yes, definitely Kalpna. Where is the best place for people to find you? Um, so they can either go into my website which is uncensored society dot com. You can email me, they got my details on the contact page or you can find me on Facebook again. That will be under my name, Kalpna Suthar. I think you have all the links and I’m sure they’re gonna be put in the, in the notes. And also you can find me on clubhouse again under K Suthar and not Kalpna Suthar because apparently people are finding my name troublesome on clubhouse and therefore K is easier. So you can find me on the, in fact, I’ve got an event going on there today at 7 p.m. UK time if you want to join me. And that topic is actually speaking about whether you should or shouldn’t be wearing makeup when doing videos live or recorded. Mm interesting. But I have very strong views on that one. Yeah. What’s your views? I tend to go without. That’s my choice, right? Yeah. Because generally when I do my Facebook lives and any time I do videos is the first time I put make up on for a few months to be fair, but I don’t actually put any makeup on. And I’ve actually had someone point out, I didn’t actually realise this until someone pointed it out to me and said to me, when you do your Facebook lives, you never wear makeup. How did you do that? I didn’t realise that was such a big deal, but clearly it is. And so I’m doing a topic around that and a lot of people have said to me that they feel that when people wear makeup, that they’re not being authentic, that they’re they’re hiding something. So I thought that would be a really interesting discussion to have, and therefore created a room at 7 p.m. on Clubhouse if anyone wants to join me.

That would be today. There you go. Well, you can put forward my opinion. How’s that? I will do, definitely. It’ll be great to get, you know, a man’s opinion as well because I have a feeling it’s gonna be a lot of women that’s going to be joining that actual room, but it’ll be great to have men on their to get their perspective too. Well, I think you can be on there, that’d be awesome. The men’s equivalent is the beard isn’t, it isn’t like having a big beard. Like the perception is that the man is hiding something by having a big, yeah, yeah, I’m not too sure about a big beard myself, to be fair. All right, well thank you very much for sharing your story. I think this amazing story and all the value awesome, thank you for having me on your podcast. I really appreciate it and I look forward to kind of, you know, hearing the feedback from your audience and say, you know what they’ve learned and what they’ve got back from it and all the kind of nuggets. So I look forward to that.