Digital Marketing News – 21/10/2020

▪️ Chloe –

Update to housing, employment + credit ads – meaning you can’t target specific demographics or zip codes (only applicable to North American accounts) To remove restriction go to Editor > Keywords & targeting > remove all age/gender/household income. Learn more

▪️ Charlotte –

Google data studio for search console report Example | Learn more
This may be a good alternative for search console reports instead of manually gathering data and putting it all in a pdf using adobe acrobat.

Moz bar chrome extension – It’s a free chrome extension, you just need a moz account ( free version). It tells you the domain and page authority for certain keywords for both your site and competitors which could be helpful for finding new keywords and seeing if what we’re doing on the page/site is beneficial. It also shows you performance over time as well as some additional features which I am looking into.

▪️ Lucy –

French ads accounts: purchase a translation app to sync with Shopify product feed or create a new feed readily translated into french; this will be time-consuming but ultimately down to the client’s preference.