Accountability By Thomas Green

Accountability is a word which has great meaning in its ability to convince people that excluding third world examples and extremely unlucky genetics. They are moulders of themselves by the quality of thinking that they allow.

Applying Accountability can make such a difference, it has the ability to influence every part of your life.

Your character can be determined by the quality of your thinking.

Your every act begins from your thoughts and could not have appeared without them.

We are successful or unsuccessful based on the thoughts we create within ourselves.

Within the terms “successful or unsuccessful”. There is a spectrum or gradient of everything in between. And you are the one who determines where you fall on that spectrum.

People often want to improve their status in life or get an effect. But don’t first change the cause that would produce that effect.

If they were to improve their thoughts this would help to improve outcome.

Because of this, their circumstances don’t change. If you are willing to improve your thoughts which influence your actions. You have a much higher probability of producing the effect that you seek.

Consider a worker who is stuck in an entry level job. They are willing to discuss the negative aspects of the job at great length… And at every opportunity. But will not learn new skills or do anything other than the bare minimum to get through the working day.

You don’t attract that which you want, you attract that which you are.

Such a worker is destined to stay exactly where they are. Because they have not learned the first principles of cause and effect.

Earl Nightingale referred to this as the man who sits in front of the fire place and says “give me heat and I’ll add the wood”. 

People have the ability to cause their own circumstances, but continually sabotage them by allowing thoughts which cannot possibly produce that effect.

All that you can achieve and all that you fail to achieve, begins with your own thoughts.

I think, therefore I am.

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