Three Keys to an Abundant Business With Liz Wolfe

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the podcast today, we have Liz, Wolfe. Liz, welcome.

Thank you so much. Thank you for having me on today.

It is my pleasure. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do?

Absolutely, I would love to do that. My name is Liz Wolfe. That’s Wolfe with an E. And I always like to start by telling people that what I did is I grew up on a sheep farm. And then if you remembered that a moment ago, I said my last name is Wolfe, and that I grew up on a sheep farm, you’ll understand how funny that is in retrospect. So when I was growing up, my mother – I was about six years old – she decided to buy a farm. We weren’t farmers by trade. And she started buying sheep. So our tagline was Wolfe’s the name sheep’s the game and so I got a very, very early education on being an entrepreneur. And as a result as an adult now in my business, what I do is I coach entrepreneurs and I coach entrepreneurs typically who are starting a business or who feel stuck in their experience of growing their business and so I help them to get started launch and grow and I do that in a way that has some fate and abundant business.

So they feel and experience that abundance in their business as well. Thank you for the introduction. I would like to get into some topic of the coaching because you’ve been doing it for 20 years, is that right? Or over 20 years? Yes, I have. I started out more doing personal development, coaching and training. Leadership training. Would you typically call a corporate leadership training? I’ve actually my background is in technology and Crm systems and Crm implementations and computer training. I did many, many years of computer training. Most interesting about that was working with the people and helping them to implement systems in helping them to figure out what was it wasn’t working and where again, where they felt stuck. I’m never going to ask you to do something that I either haven’t lived through myself or I’m also working on. And so it’s important to keep developing myself and to keep going and learning and growing.

And so that is something that I have always focused on doing for myself and with other people and sometimes a joke and say that my clients, I’ll tell them, you know, you’re in the one step ahead program, meaning I’m always one step ahead of you. I want to be working on myself and learning and contributing to you what I’ve learned so that we can really grow and expand together one of the ways or at least my perception is one of the ways that we do that is using your three keys to an abundant business which was a topic of discussion today. I just wanted to get a definition if that’s okay, so that we’re all on the same page. How would you define an abundant business? That is a great question, because abundance is such a broad term and it’s a little we also sometimes even been a little reluctant in a networking event, let’s say to say that to people, an abundant business is a business where you feel confident, you feel that you are in alignment with your purpose, that the clients you have are in alignment with who you are and how you want to serve your clients.

I think we’ve all had the experience of having clients that we were out of alignment with. It’s either they don’t like to pay or they’re very demanding or they just don’t want to learn what you’re doing for them or they don’t want to. You feel sometimes like you’re forcing yourself and your philosophy and your products on them. And so, and then they only complain about that and then you know that’s not abundant, abundance is where you feel fulfilled in your messaging and you feel excited to come to your business in the morning and of course the big part of that is you’re receiving an abundant amount of money for the work that you’re doing and you feel happy. The two things that I say for me personally that I am always driving to create is time freedom and money for you and I specifically don’t say I want to be a millionaire because not everybody wants to be a millionaire. Some people want to have amount of money and amount of time that they feel free to be able to experience their life the way that they want to and many of us do not feel that way.

So that’s where I came up with these three peas for that. So would you say the right plan enough or more than enough of them bringing in, shall we say, more than enough money? Would you say that’s thank you? Yes. maybe I would say the amount of money that makes you feel freaky because again, there’s such a wide variety of the amount of money. Sometimes people say I want to make more money and also, okay, well, $5 is more money. Is that what you mean? And I think that’s what you mean. But on the other hand, sometimes we start out with these like feelings like we have to really work because that we’re failing if we’re not, you know, making six figures in 60 days, which finally is complete hogwash. Nobody makes six figures in 60 days. They might have worked 10 years to get to a place where they are now making six figures in 60 days, but that didn’t happen in 60 days. So there’s so many ways in which we feel inadequate when we’re in our businesses. There’s a lot of comparison that goes on.

We look at other people, we get these emails and say you should be able to make six figures in 60 days and all these ways that we feel inadequate. So for me abundances me feeling confident in what I’m doing and then I’m striving towards a goal that’s in alignment. For me to use some subjective, it depends on the person and what they think is about the reduced set us, right? That’s right. And that’s why the first thing that I do with all of my clients when I engage with someone new is I do what’s called a vision roadmap. We work with you on your vision. If you don’t know what your vision is, you won’t know if you’re an alignment where you want to go. And it’s a really beautiful process. I always say there’s a difference between a vision and a fantasy. A fantasies, fantasies are great, but here’s my fantasy. I have an RV. I’m driving around the country and I’m going to music festivals and I’m visiting national parks and I’m working for my RV and that’s my fantasy.

My vision is that my business is going to I’m going to set out my vision to support me to being able to do that. So for me, the difference between a fantasy and a vision is a fantasy doesn’t have the foundation yet, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. You can still dream that in the future so that we have some fun with that dream in the future and then we come back and get very solid on with your vision because if your actions aren’t aligning you with your vision, you’re always in a field and my mother used to say dollar late, I’m sorry day late and a dollar short, I don’t know if that’s just an American, you know, phrase, but she’d always say on the day late and a dollar short and I grew up with that mentality and that’s not a mentality, that’s a day late and a dollar short. So we’re working on the actions that will take you toward your, your vision and building that foundation, which is why I say You don’t get six figures in 60 days unless you have that foundation.

So is having a vision one of the three keys it is in this respect. So let me tell you what the three keys are. Before I tell you what the three keys are though, I’m going to tell you what most people think the three keys are in business. So this is what you’re going to hear. If you, if you go on amazon they look up any business club or you go to, you know, most networking events. This is what people think the three keys are 11 of the three are each of these 31 of one of them is you have to work really, really hard and have really good discipline and time managed, okay. And that typically that’s what you’re going to hear, Hey man, you’re gonna have to buckle down, you’re gonna have to do it, you gonna have to work really hard and it’s gotta have discipline and you’ve got to read all these books about having time management, okay. That’s one key that people think it is. The other one is I have to have enough experience or credentials. People go, I know people was like that all the way to get their PhD our NBA.

Or they do these year-long life coaching courses where they go to constantly going to conferences, reading books or or they’ll say oh I can’t charge that much because I’m just starting out, I’ve heard so many people’s telling that, okay, so we have this idea that you have to have a certain amount of experience to have enough credentials. And then the third one is you got to get to know the right people. If you know the right people and you go to enough networking events and you just could get connected, then you’re golden. But the problem is all three of those as being, you know, requirements for about a business is all of them require or what I would call. And as soon as conversations, in other words, as soon as I manage to get disciplined, as soon as I need the right people, as soon as I get my MBA or get 20 years’ experience or whatever.

As soon as, so once again I’m always you know a day late and a dollar short, I’m always on this side of getting to success because I’ll never have enough of any of that. And I do want to point out one thing which is that a lot of the struggle, I mean a lot of people struggle with time management and being disciplined and so what we end up doing is we focus all our energy on managing, being disciplined and feeling falling short of being disappointed, Doctor a lot of you know procrastination, all that stuff. Big topic. So what I say is that all three of those things that I just described are very good tools in your entrepreneurial toolbox. So I want you to manage your time well and I want you to continue to learn and I want you to go out and meet people and talk to people, they’re all things you can do. But those are all somewhat out of your control to now bring into the conversation. The three keys that I developed that are what everybody has that they can start doing immediately and within their controls and they are as follows.

I’m going to tell you about each one a little bit later, but I’ll just tell you the three right now. The first one asked is powerful. The most impactful way to make a difference in your business is to ask powerfully to ask for what you want and I’ll tell you more about what I mean. They’re powerful. The second one is to give wholeheartedly. So once you say I’m asking powerfully that most people think, oh the next step is to receive, but actually the next key is giving. And then the third one is finally to receive graciously. And that is the gracious part I throw in there is the little salt in the stool, which is this gratitude truly. There are really four, but everybody only remember three things. So it’s as give receive and gratitude. So those are the, that’s the cycle. That’s the circle now. What’s powerful about those three is that I don’t need to have any credentials to be able to ask what I want at any moment.

I could choose to give at any moment I could choose to receive. And there are things you can do to develop your skills in each one of those areas. They don’t rely on anyone else any amount of time. You can just start practicing them. Now. The asking, the first part of that, does that sort of come back to being clear about what it is that you want kind of what you, what you said about having more money. Okay. Yes, you can’t ask for what you want unless you know what you want and there’s a tremendous amount of indecisiveness about, I don’t know what I want, you know, I want to make more money. So I’m not the most mood person. Although I do be the large movie stuff and I believe in meditation and all that. The very practical person you live in a practical world. But I’m also not a person that’s ever going to coach you to say okay, what you gonna do this week? Okay. Did you do it check, check, check. Okay now what you’re gonna do next week because I feel like what the reality is, is the world lives somewhere in between those two things.

So in order to have what you want to know what you want and that is your vision and in order to ask for what you want to have to know what you want. Now they ask powerfully reason I use that phrase is what I mean by that is to be specific to actually be specific about what you want. Don’t say I want more money. Say next year I want to make $100,000. I also bothers me when people say six figures because I mean this is a little embarrassing to it made for a long time. I didn’t even know what people meant by that. Like six figures. What? Oh you need 100,000. Why are we not just saying $100,000 What are you doing them? And then we say multiple, six figures. Okay well 100 $1001 is multiple. Six figures. But I know that’s not what you mean. So tell me what you want to make, $200,000 I gotta make $300,000. And this is a part of the conversation that happened. My vision wrote that session that I do with people because I want, I want you to be specific and it’s very uncomfortable especially for money.

For whatever reason it’s very uncomfortable. So as powerfully means I want to make $100,000 in my business this year or $500,000 for $1 million dollars or whatever it is and you want to say it out loud, you want to be specific because I believe the universe here’s this and it wants to give you what you want. But it gets confused when you say multiple six figures. It yeah, I mean obviously we can’t prove that the universe is doing anything. But I believe that if that the more specific we get about what we want, the more likely it’s going to come to us because there’s no confusion. A confused mind doesn’t buy and that is true of the universe to, it’s not going to buy what I’m selling this. I’m very specific about what it is that I want and I suppose you want to sort of get clear in your mind, you can work back from the goal in terms of how you go about doing that. So for example if in the example where you wanted to take six figures Or $100,000 from your business.

That would be in the form of a dividend of some sort and in order to get a dividend amount, you need a certain amount of revenue in order to get a certain amount of revenue. You need a certain amount of clients and that then you just need to implement for that number of clients. Right? Is that you exactly? How are you going to get from here to there? Again? I’ll say two people, so how much do you want to make next year? And they’ll say it’s probably too generic of the question, but you’re right, you were making distinctions between revenue and income. How much do you want your business to make? And then you gotta go back and look and see how am I going to get there. You see, all of this vagueness is really hurting us as entrepreneurs. People don’t even know how much money they’re making. they they don’t have a budget or what I like to call spending plan because no one likes the word budget, they’re not tracking their income, not everyone. Some people are definitely more focused on the money side. It doesn’t work to be big.

It’s very powerful to be specific about what it is that you have, what is that you want and see where the two shall meet. How do you get from here to there? I’m regarding the receiving of the three keys in a business context, would you say that? it makes me think of a couple of things. One of them being pricing, um, in a way that’s not based on scarcity. And also maybe not pulling your punches on promoting new services. Am I reading into that too much or did you have anything to add? You are right on target with that. When you talk about pricing this money is of course, why are we in business? I mean at the end of the day, you’re looking to create some money abundance in your life. And there’s, it’s like having your own business and being an entrepreneur is a very powerful way to do that. There’s no doubt that you have a lot more control over how much money you can make.

I’m not missing corporate world. There’s a lot of really successful and important work that’s going on there as well. I mentioned in the beginning some people thinking, well I don’t have that much experience yet, so I can’t charge as much and I’m gonna, I’m gonna say something and you’re gonna write, hopefully everybody will write this down and then the rest were like, put it up on the wall, you have permission, I’m giving it permission to ask for as much as you want, any amount that you want, any time you want. There’s no rule. Like if you’re brand new to this, you can’t ask for more money. However, I will say that you won’t be able to successfully promote yourself for a certain level of money unless you feel confident it. So what I always recommend to people is think of a number, you feel comfortable asking, raise it by a certain percentage because you’re definitely underselling yourself, get enough clients at that level and then until you feel comfortable asking for that and then it’s all about practice, you gotta practice asking.

That is my, the key to getting better at asking is to practise asking. So further to what you’re saying is that one of the reasons people say, oh yeah, I want so much. Well, actually we’re not very skilled at receiving. I told a client recently that I really enjoyed working with her and the reaction was oh stop. And I was like wow, I’m complimenting you, what were you doing stuff and just think about how we will try to give something to somebody, the universe wants to give you stop and then a lot of times or no, no or very judgmental level. So we’re not really good at receiving. Well, that’s super great asking were not that great of receiving and when people and that’s all about money is about asking for a sum of money and then being well willing to receive it. And as you said, not basing that on some scarcity conversation.

What was the second part you said? I wrote it down, but I’m keeping my hand right there. So the pricing and then not pulling your punches on selling but I realised feel free to elaborate. But I also realised that I missed us. That I went from. I actually miss the giving part of it and I wanted to terrify because my interpretation of that was I was thinking giving value. So you know the more value you give, the more likely you are to receive the folks there. Yeah. And it’s not at all unusual to skip the giving step, which what we have to remember is that even though I laid out my steps, that’s why I kind of skipped. I changed from steps to keys because all of them work. I promise you that if you spend any time practicing asking, giving or receiving, you’re going to see more abundance coming into your business.

So I’m not particular. The reason I put giving after asking is because giving is part of the energy of receiving, receiving and giving is a back and forth. And as I was just sharing about a moment ago clients I can, there can be no giving without receiving. It is not better to be administered. That is a falsehood. It is not better, it is equal. You must be able to receive in order to give, you must be given somebody has to be receiving. Okay, now the reason I put give in between ask and receive is because as soon as I asked for what I want, I’m having experiences scarcity and that I don’t have it yet. Okay now how do I create what I want? Well I’m asking for it, but if it’s not coming to me, one way to create more of what you want is to give what you want. So you just said give value.

That’s definitely something I could do. I could do a free web in on, for instance, I could give me a freely during the pandemic. I was doing weekly calls, just told people they could just get on zoom call. I would just answer the questions and support them in their businesses. I didn’t ask for any money and I just was giving value and even though it was not the intention, I did create some clients out of that because they came, they saw value and they said, oh now I want to do that. So I gave feel it the other way that you can give in a business context, which is another example that I often use is you can help other people get clients so you can you know, I don’t go to a lot of networking events. But if I go to a networking at it, I see somebody, I’m thinking, hey, I know somebody else who could know who would benefit from knowing this person and then I’ll try to connect that help somebody else get business somehow.

And because you’re creating more than I would love to tell a very short story on this topic when I was buying this townhouse, How beautiful townhouse and I live in historic Hamilton Heights in New York City was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. I never bought real estate before. I’m in New York City. So buying real estate is like a thing, you know, and we found this house was perfect. It was great and have it on the floor for the office and you know, you think we needed the seller was incredibly difficult and crutches, a lawyer and old experts lawyer and just was incredibly difficult over a beer sometime I’ll tell you some of the other story and We, we came to an agreement on the price within like 48 hours. But she didn’t, she want to sign the contract. So I’m not went by and I’m waiting for her country and every Friday would come and I’d be like another week went by. My sister called me – I have two older sisters, both fabulous people – and she said, she called me up and she said, I know what’s wrong. I know what you need to do.

And I was like tell he was desperate and she said, you need to give house. And I said, I get it because we had already developed this ask you’ve received. I was like, you’re right, I haven’t been given house. So at like 4:00 on a Friday I’m thinking I’m doing, I’m not going to hear from this lady. You know, again, I went on and I donated $100 to habitat for humanity. I don’t know if they do that in the UK also, but it’s an organisation that builds houses. So I literally created more houses in the universe and this is now about 12 years ago. Yeah. And we still have the facts in our business. And that seems almost like funny to say. And I was just sitting there at my desk and all of a sudden facts started going and it was, the contract was designed to contract not one hour after I had given house and then I was using house, I was helping my mother lost her house.

And I was, you know, I was just because of course we had actually closed yet. I was like, alright, this gets all rolling. So it’s such a mystical, beautiful story about giving that I literally created that space a more houses in the universe and then it came through. So you can look at a lot of places where you can give and you will create, they’ll want to give back to you later. That’s the other part of that. Yeah, I am. I wanted to pick up on your point about referrals because if you’ve ever had a referral from someone who, someone who’s good enough to introduce him to someone else. And it turns out being inclined, it’s like, wow, you know, that that person’s really made an effort for me. You know, normally it takes some effort or some time to get business and yet it happens so improvement even though it would be quite easy to make a few introductions. And so I think it’s a really good point in terms of we should really be looking, it’s almost like an easy win. This is not that difficult for you.

And yet it’s very important to the other person and like you say, there’s an element of reciprocation that’s going on probably there the more you do it. Yeah, because the giving energy, if we think of all of these things as energy, again, I told you in a very practical person that I think in terms of energy, if you think of the energy of giving that there’s a way in which it becomes full, that’s the abundance part. And then it’s just natural for people to want to get that. So the tricky thing here is sometimes people say, oh so now I should like deliberately go out and give to people and then it almost feels manipulative so to do what feels right to you. But you can, you could get up every imagine this is the scenario get up every day and the first thing you think of, how can I help someone else get business, who do I know, who can I connect, how can I give, I was read about a woman that every time she received any amount of money in her business, she immediately took 10% of it and gave her away any time she got a check shooting and like she was enormously successful and it was just because it’s not energetic, it builds on itself basically going off the value side of things.

You know, that’s very cause and effect for me. But in terms of your $100 example, have you given it any thought? Yes. What is hidden that we don’t think on very much is intention, intention and intention is very similar to vision. This is what I’m out to create. One of one of the tricks that I use with my clients, especially new clients, especially people that are new entrepreneurs are looking to start a business or people who will stop and I don’t know what to do, I just don’t know what to do and they’ll say, I don’t know what to do. So they hire me and they say tell me what to do and they say okay and tell you what to do. But what would you do? And they always look at me like I hired you to tell me to do since I know and you know I always have little pen handy and so I would say like if you were going to do anything, what would you do? And so they start to list the things well I could do this, I could do that. I could do this, I could do that, I could reach out to this person.

I could and the juicy part of my work is well, why aren’t you doing those things you do? So you do know what to do actually. You know what, why aren’t you doing those things? And there’s a lot of what I would call hidden barriers of reasons we feel uncomfortable. We don’t want to push the we don’t want, there’s so many reasons that we don’t take action. Okay to get back to the intention. So the intention aligns with your vision. What is your intention when you are sitting down in the morning to create the connection if if you think of it like trying the trump. I don’t know I live in your city. So I don’t have a lot more here. But growing up in the farm we did a lot of lawn going. There was a lot of like you had to climb the lawnmower before you even pull had to like prime the pump. So it’s a way in which you are spending your energy instead of staying in a space called, I don’t know what to do.

We all know what we can do and you can prime the pump energetically by getting the flow of energy going. a long time ago, I read a phrase from the passage from deep October and he said giving and receiving is part of the same energy. So if you’re not, if there’s nothing to receive in that moment, in that exact moment, you can start the energetic experience by giving and it’s the intention behind it. I had authentic intentions behind wanting to create more house in the world. I figured well if I could create more house then there’s more for all of us. My definition of abundance is there’s plenty for everyone, including me. And if you if you, you know, I don’t mean that like including me, I mean it like there’s plenty for everyone, including me because a lot of times we’re all about everybody else, but we’re not about ourselves.

Does that answer your question? Yeah, I think so, yeah. you touched on something Company Times, which I wanted to ask you about, which was self-doubts or feeling stuck. Would you like to share anything on that particular topic? Absolutely. Well, I have actually, and in the process of writing my second book, which is the power of asking. And I also have a five part training course which is in which part of it I go into more depth on the power of asking and in that I talked about why we don’t ask why don’t we ask? And one of the reasons that we don’t ask is because we have a lot of doubts and fears mostly that comes. And this isn’t only asking because the third book is going to be giving and the fourth book is going to be receiving. And I’m working on that. But that’s all in this training that you can watch, uh, is because we have been taught the wrong things about asking and giving and receiving.

Uh, many of us think that it’s pushing to ask. Many of us were told it was in polite to ask. We went to somebody else’s house and you weren’t allowed to ask for they have candy on the table. You weren’t allowed to ask for. You can be very polite. Um, were afraid to ask because we think that we’re gonna be endlessly obligated to this other person who’s going to give to us. Like if you start to look under the surface of why we’re not asking. There’s a tremendous number of what I call hidden barriers. So when you’re clear on your vision and your taking purposeful action, the value of taking action is to find out where you stop and you stop because there’s always underlying conversations, beliefs and doubt. I don’t think I’m worth that much asking for that much money. I don’t think I’m worth asking that much money because I just started half. All right. Why else would we ask for the same $200 an hour that the guy down the road is asking for.

I’m not I’m not worth it. So these are all these underlying conversations. And when you have those doubts and fears and they will stop you fold. And then we call that procrastination. It’s not really procrastination. We are avoiding something, which is why we’re not doing it. But we have to figure out what it is that would be. And one easy place to look is to see where did, what did you learn about asking, giving or receiving? Because sometimes we give too much give to inherit. Or sometimes we’re like, no, we’re supposed to be modest, not receive. And it’s a bunch of made up stories don’t help. Certainly if you Theresa childhood learnings that we’ve carried on into adult life, right? And perhaps not critically examined. Absoluteing 100% everything I learned. I learned from my mother. And it wasn’t necessarily that helpful. I mean I go back to my mother for a minute.

So we have this beautiful farm in western Pennsylvania. She started this business selling woollen items. We were, we sold the land we sold, respond the wool, we made young, we made sheepskin coats. We have this whole cottage industry and it had a tremendous amount of potential. But she wasn’t very good at managing money. It actually is horrible at managing money. I didn’t realise I was horrible at managing money until I got older and why am I so bad at managing money. I didn’t learn anything from my mother and I open, what is the passions and reasons why I do what I do is because if my mother had hit someone like meat coaching her, she would have been a lot better off. So there’s every – you know what she taught me about, money wasn’t that helpful, what she taught me about men was not helpful. All just not looking like I got over that one and just what how she thought business should go.

It really wasn’t that helpful. So at the same time that I tremendously admire my mother and if anybody worked hard, anybody was an example of working really hard doesn’t necessarily get you success. That would be my mother. I mean she worked very, very hard and so that’s why I’m going to go this lesson. So we really have to examine what did you learn that is helpful and what wasn’t helpful and hold. None of it is true. None of it is true. It’s not better to give than receive, it’s just facts. If you give you’ll receive, if you receive, people can give the facts. Yeah. I like the when you said it, I’m not sure if this is the exact wording, but I interpreted it as is actually not possible to give and that someone is willing to receive. But I did want to talk to you because you touched on your earlier years meaning the business side of things. And I did some research and if I’m not mistaken, you’ve created three businesses.

Is that right? Yes. I started out in, out of college. The first thing I did was to open a business and the business that I had was selling the products in my mother’s farm and talk about not being an alignment. I wanted to save her. I wanted to help her. She was struggling and it was, it was sterile. I mean it failed. I don’t think I haven’t lasted my whole year. And so then I moved to New York City. My other exciting ventures I mentioned earlier, I’m into music, I’m a singer and I played the Ukulele. Ukulele players out there and so I came to the city because I really was like, what I really want to be doing is is music related stuff. Long story short, I moved out of that, sorry, that wasn’t authentic for me. And then I eventually started to do, I learned about Crm systems, customer relationship management software, which in the early nineties, so this is like 90 to 94 or something like that.

Was literally like when they invented penicillin and started during people like well then invented discovered penicillin and it makes such a tremendous impact on people’s businesses. You know, we went from rolodex is to actually being able to keep track of everything in the system. I loved it. And so I started a business selling and implementing CRM systems and about a year into that. I told my husband, we just got married and I said you should quit your job and come and do this because this is he had a dopey job selling. I shouldn’t say it was a joke to get a perfectly fine job selling chemicals and I said you could be selling this and we could be working for ourselves. So he quit his job. He started working with me. And so for the next 10, 15 years we worked together and built this successful business. And that’s really where I learned so much. I mean, I really had developed these concepts. I saw what worked and what didn’t work.

It’s great to have a partner. He’s a great person to be in partnership with. And I learned about hiring people and I learned about money managing money and I learned and developed this ask you have received and applied it. Then I moved away from this technology side, you know, boring for me and now I focused 100%. So among my third iteration of business and I’ve been able to use each of the things that I learned, especially from that first business, which was the biggest lesson was don’t do something that’s for somebody else. You’ve got to do something for yourself. And the other thing that I often hear people say that you started helping who are you helping to build your business. You can spend a lot of hours helping other people build their businesses or you can spend it to build your own. So that’s a little inspiration for people who are thinking about starting a business. It’s good. I like it and what your goals, either personal or for your business you alluded to?

Yeah, we’ve, I’ve already only listen to my army traveling. So, in the shorter term my goal is, I’m looking to create a group coaching program that is, I’ve done it in spurts. I’ve done it in three months’ efforts and six months for, it’s when I’m looking to create a community, that’s a bigger community of people so that you can get support in your businesses. So that’s in 2022. I put into launch and start that in 2022. I also alluded to that I’m working on writing my second book. These are short books. I, the first one is called your business vision blueprint short books and books you can read in under an hour it’s a whole category on amazon for those of you who are thinking of writing books, do that because it’s a lot easier and you can publish it and it’s done and you can still say you’re an author once you’ve done it. Uh, so I’m working on those books and I did buy an RV this summer and I do plan and we did a couple of little short runs that uses Wi-Fi is not so good and RV parts, but it’s all about time, Freedom is freedom to do and choose what it is that you want to do and abundance is plenty for everyone including me.

So that’s my ultimate goal is to spend a lot more time playing my Ukulele and touching and inspiring and helping as many entrepreneurs as I can. Did you want to place a bit or is it not possible place at that play a bit for us. A good play a bit. All my ladies upstairs, you play these upstairs, I videos of you playing on my YouTube channel. Whenever someone says that they play a musical instrument or they were singer or something like that, I can’t resist. I have to ask. I will check out the videos on my website. I have my resources section night, sometimes we’ll think of a song and I’ll say this reminds me of something to do with being an entrepreneur until I’ll do a little something and I love it. I just spent a weekend this past weekend playing at a jam camp and I mean, it’s really great. The interesting thing about this, you see, I came to, I would also encourage people to think about this.

Everything up until in my life has led to this moment in time and living in this beautiful townhouse. I have a wonderful marriage which is celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. We have another house in the country where we can go and be in the country, which is very good for me because it gets loud here. Sometimes I have a lot of beautiful friends, have plenty of money of, I freedom to do when I want what I want and not to say I’m not working hard at it and all of that is what I’ve done to create, you know, worked or to create through this business. So everything when I came to New York City to be a rock star, it actually, you wouldn’t think that you would think, oh that didn’t work, you know, I didn’t do that and to some extent that’s true. I, I didn’t know it not yet about how to become a successful musician, part of my learning process, so I don’t want to be a rock star anymore, but I bring music into my work if I do, I haven’t done any live workshops lately, but when I do, I bring my usual alien and I play and I sing people love it. I do it on my YouTube challenges as many, you know, there’s a video of me talking about networking tips, which is great, I hope you listen to it, But on the other hand, you know, it’s also fun to play a song to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary.

So everything that you are learning now is going to contribute in some way, as long as you take it on like this is the experience of having now, what can I take from this and how can I apply it into my business and then it will build on itself and it all helps in the end. Well, thank you for that. I have enjoyed our conversation. Would you like to tell people where they can find you in order to know a bit more? Absolutely, and thank you for that. So I do, as mentioned, have lots of things on my website at, That’s Wolfe with an E. And I mentioned that I have a five part training that’s on this topic of asking, giving and receiving the three keys to an abundant business. And normally that’s something that I sell for $97. But if you go to this school coaching dot com forward slash three keys spelled out three keys, you can get a code so that you can go and do the workshop for free.

And I’m very happy to give that to all of your listeners and I strongly encourage you to go and because I give you exercises that you can do I go much more in detail. There are five days. So I took my vision as they receive and then gratitude spoiler alert, we now know the whole thing and you can do that and I promise you that if you just listen to it and start practicing asking, giving and receiving, you’re going to see a difference in your business. Absolutely. And I encourage you to do that. Liz Wolfe, thank you very much.

All right, thank you Thomas.