Digital Marketing News – 02/09/2020

Digital Marketing News –

▪️ Em –

Video google ads, wordpress & SEO. Learnt that using grammarly (free version downloadable on laptop) can help point out problems with content writing. Can then be used as an add on in emails, content writing, websites etc.

▪️ Charlotte –

If the client’s search console is linked to analytics, there is a section where you can see sitespeed for the urls on the site as well as recommendations on how to improve this/what is slowing it down

▪️ Tom –

Got an email regarding account, google rep sends suggestions. Cc’d everyone in google ads account. Mostly information already available , in opportunities tab.

TikTok advertising – does not allow you to increase followers by advertising, can’t go to profile and start following , useful if clients want to start advertising on TikTok.

Backlinks – How to use google ads to build backlinks – articles on data tend to get links easily. Rank keywords in google ads and then get tracked backlinks for page.

▪️ Billy –

On wordpress on the site I searched for the plugin and it was the first one when you search for “google ads conversion action” which i applied and it turned up under the woocomerce tab on the side.

i then went through the instructions on it and one was for the conversion action label and ID, you can find these under the google tag manager tab in the conversion action

▪️ Jake –

Strategy for manual bidding on Shopping to increase conversion numbers while keeping cost per conversion low:

Most shopping campaigns these days seem to perform better as smart shopping, rather than traditional shopping. Smart shopping also has the additional benefit of remarketing. However, some clients require manual bidding on traditional campaigns for one reason or another.

If that is the case, you will need to try and generate as many conversions as possible – just as long as they are delivering a positive ROAS.

Recently I have been working on an account where the client wants 30 conversions a day but he has very low profit margins so if we bid more aggressively, we can increase conversion numbers but the cost per conversion will be too high.

To fix this issue, I have been selecting Product Groups and then filtering to show products which have converted. I have sorted these products by cost per conversion and then have increased bids on products with a combination of high conversion numbers and low cost per conversion with high Search lost IS (rank). This has been working well at increasing conversion numbers while maintaining a low overall cost per conversion.

In this case, the client has low margins and most products have a similar value but in other cases, the margins might be higher, in which case, I would swap the low cost per conversion element with high conversion value divided by cost.

▪️ Lucy –

Dynamic Search Ads – ideal for charity accounts, and advertisers with well developed websites or large inventory. Not recommended for websites that rapidly change. Won’t work for pharmaceuticals, gambling or adult content – against google’s policies and restrictions.

Headlines & landing pages automatically generated. Advertiser provides the description relevant to the landing pages that the account is targeting. Specify which landing pages or groups of URLs that you want to target. Benefits include: time saving, relevant headlines, control of ads based on your website content, capture additional traffic and no longer enter display url when creating a new ad.

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▪️ Nick –

In keyword planner, under “average monthly searches” shows you a graph on how searches are displayed across the month. Better contextualise the data.

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