Digital Marketing News – 07/10/2020

▪️ Chloe – Reporting has become easier and quicker with drag and drop options. So for instance check overall ad performance quicker instead of having to exit out and then go to another campaign and check. Also location reporting (for some accounts) is only available through this method as not an option on the side bar under “locations”. Believe its only for certain accounts that have an updated interface.

▪️ Em –
You can export your LinkedIn contacts into an email list, kind of like remarking. I Probably wouldn’t over do it but would be useful to send out. Also to specific people, looking at job title etc. For example “open to work” might be a good idea to send out an email with a job opening or link to a job site or something

▪️ Lucy – When you use google shopping ads to target different countries around the world and your product feed is in one language, this is the only language that will be seen by all countries. When creating google ad campaigns to target different countries in their local language you must create a new primary feed that has been translated into the relevant language. Within Shopify there is a process to add different languages so that your products can be automatically translated. I am currently testing this process with a client and will let you know the outcome during the next team meeting. Here is a link that explain this more

▪️ Billy – New feature on Google ads with a new insights page showing the change in consumer habits. It shows how each campaign is performing online and shows the demand for the product/service – integrated into recommendation page on what people are searching.