Digital Marketing News – 1/07/2020

Digital Marketing News


Seasonality Adjustments
I’d heard about this before but never used it. It looks useful for automated bidding during short Sales – Google recommends less than 14 days in length. E.g. end of month sales, bank holiday sales, Black Friday etc. where you expect a change in conversion rate. It could also be useful if the mainstream media pickus up on something. Which is likely to spark a spike in interest.


How to set up TrueView campaigns
Create a TrueView for shopping campaign – Google Ads Help


I previously mentioned linkedin advertising being expensive. I have found a moderately cheap way of advertising using CPV video view campaigns


twitter media studio – Allows you to manage/schedule twitter content. It also gives access to a twitter analytics tool as well as allows you to monetise your content. It also allows you to add/implement various assets to your video content. Such as call to action buttons, titles, descriptions etc.


I have been learning about the Combin Scheduler app. Which helps you create post for instagram and post them whenever you’d like on your desktop. Rather than using a phone app. You can plan and schedule instagram content, manage multiple accounts.


In terms of social media post scheduling I have come across a program called Crowdfire. Similar to Hootsuite you can schedule posts across a selection of platforms. But I have had issues when posting to Instagram. Currently it seems that you need to be using a seperate program for Instagram. Another for all the other social media platforms. Once I come across a program that manages to work well with all platforms I shall let everyone know; it would be easier to manage all scheduling from one program when we are dealing with social media management clients.

Billy :

In terms of the IGTV stuff:

So when you upload a video to igtv it has a tendency to lag out and not load past a certain point. If this happens then put it all the attributes like header and title and then post it. Then click on the video again, click edit and then post. this should create a duplicate. Keep this one and then remove the one that wont upload. Also if you are having issues with it logging you out, try waiting a few hours and then try again.

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