Digital Marketing News – 1/12/2020

What we learned this week:

▪️ Billy –
Due to it being harder because of COVID to perform keyword research for some sectors it would be good to put together a sheet of keywords we have found to be get approved in different accounts to save us spending time researching for hours without the help of the keyword planner. I will put this together and then others can add them as they find them

▪️ Chloe –
Pinterest – Campaigns set up on Pinterest are similar to the set up of FB + Google. The layout is similar to FB and you can target interests, keywords and audience (similar to Google). Two options for ads = 1st promote pin (like boosting post on FB) or create new pin and treat it like an ad. Typically conversions/leads/actions take longer on Pinterest (as platform’s main aim is to provide inspo/research for people) so typically 2 weeks at least before results are found. As a result clicks can be double/triple the price of FB and Google.

▪️ Lucy –
Continuing research into social media management, and branding as a potential service we could offer. I’ve taken a short course on Canva regarding branding; creating and evolving a brand. I’ve learnt about the 12 Brand Archetypes (I will create a document to share on the team trello board under the list Useful Info). Discussion on the question – What is our business’, EMS, purpose & promise to our customers? Meaning behind the term ‘Ethical’. Can anyone who wants to join in, send me 3 words to describe our company’s personality if it were a person? Thank you

▪️ Alex –
New auction insights page – will look into more – Here is the article if anyone wants to take a quick look :

▪️ Em –
Exclusion of IP addresses (ours or clients)

Possibly something to look into if clients regularly google their own ads/we click on their ads alot to get to website/smaller or start up businesses where this would affect their clicks/impressions

From article: “People working at your company regularly check your website’s organic search results, where your ads sometimes show. Since unwanted ad impressions and inadvertent clicks are costly, you decide to exclude your company’s network IP address.”