Digital Marketing News 12/08/2020

Digital Marketing News

Tom –

Investigating adverts on insta – ads on insta stories. Ad is recommended to be less that 15 seconds – there’s a story section where you swipe up. Instagram story advertisements is managed on Facebook. 

Lucy –

New recommendations feature on google ads editor which lets you bulk apply recommendations, as opposed to google ads which only lets you view them in bulk across accounts, among other useful features

Chloe –

New features for responsive search ads:

Dynamic location insertion to add where product/service is based on users location/interests – available in town/city, state/county, country

Countdown customisers

New categories of what to include in headlines & descriptions including shipping rates etc.

View more assets at once to see which ones are causing most impressions or performing the best

Jake –

Demographic Combinations

You can view performance by gender, age range and parental status. The biggest change has been the addition of the ability to view different combinations of demographics.

When you turn on Demographic Combinations, you can layer on any number of demographics to see metrics like impressions, CPC, CTR and more.

You can use this to target more specific audiences and then show each of these audiences ads that are more relevant to them.

You can use this to:

1. Tag all of the anonymous visitors to your website.

2. Filter based on visits to high value pages (high commercial intent).

3. Overlay various combinations of user demographics to find your best commercial intent + persona match buyers.

Billy –

Client asked for a daily breakdown spend – pre defined reports gives you metrics for daily reports.

Nick & Em –

Managing your own accounts – Learning about the first steps. 

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