Digital Marketing News – 15/7/2020

Digital Marketing News

Go to settings and move spam to show in labels otherwise you miss spam mail.

Jake –

Google have created a guide with checklists for everything needed for managing campaigns during Covid 19 – it also includes a second on adapting to industry trends.
Google have created a checklist.

Billy –

responsive search ads new features. You can add location insertion which allows you to tailor the ad text to the customers location. You can also add countdown customisers which allow you to put a countdown on the ad if you have a sale or promotion that is a limited time.

Extensions have changed – not so cluttered:

Lucy –

Carrying on from my previous mention of social media management in a previous meeting and after watching a YouTube video reviewing the performance of different social media posting programs, I would say that -Later is the most affordable starting from $9 p/m, allowing you to post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest. -Buffer being the next option allows you to post to all the above social media platforms as well as LinkedIn, and has a unique feature for Instagram called ‘first comment’ which allows you to seperate comments with 1 for content and another for hashtags alongside your image; this breaks the post down and is easier to digest for the viewer. And lastly Hootsuite, which comes at a higher cost but is proven to give customers more for their money. You can post to all the social media platforms previously mentioned as well as YouTube.

The only issue I have come across is when linking an Instagram account it needs to be a professional/business profile rather than a personal one. There is also a new alternative platform called ThinkSpot, which allows for more intellectual content. You are able to upload videos, podcasts, events, ebooks, forums, newsletters and more.

Cat –

Slack is a business communication platform that offers many features, including persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. Helpful for receiving verification codes and direct messaging with certain clients.

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