Digital Marketing News – 17/06/2020

Digital Marketing News

Chloe –

Looked into adding phrase match modified keywords to one of my accounts. The format for these keywords is e.g. +car.charger meaning they are slightly less targeted than BMM match types. Although when trying to add to editor it did not recognise this format. Discussed this with Jake who suggested could be due to editor software needing to update.

Cat –

Learning more about the readability tab in the yoast plugin. This basically tells you how easy your text is to read. You’re given a score out of 100, 100 is good and 0 is obviously bad. This is measured by the average length of your sentences and how many syllables are used. If your text is too complicated the reader will struggle to get through it. They recommend using shorter sentences and not using difficult words. Keeping your text short and straight forward means your text is easy for everyone to read not just a specific audience. Making your text more human like is important for SEO.

Billy –

When importing Google ads into Bing, click import in the top right corner, then sign in to the Google account you want to import. Go through the different import options but if you have a different budget or are unsure if it’s the same make sure to untick “updates to existing items” and “update existing campaigns budgets.” Also make sure you sign out of the Google Account when you are done.

Charlotte –

Google has updated its policies around ads which demonstrate clickbait tactics or use sensationalist text or imagery to drive traffic. It will also prohibit ads which use negative life events or strong negative emotions to pressure the viewer to take immediate action. This may effective accounts relevant to healthcare, law etc.
Ads classed as prohibited will contain text along the lines of “Click here to find out” and any text which encourages the user to click on the ad in order to understand the full context of the ad.

Tom –

Tests have confirmed that a successful ad headline being placed on the landing page as a headline can perform better than any other headline you might test

Lucy –

I recently learnt how to create an automated rule within a Google Ads account. When a client is wanting to pause and re-enable campaigns you can create an automated rule so the account will know to action these changes automatically. This is helpful when it is an action that is needed to be carried out outside of working hours and when you may be working on other accounts. It is essential to make sure you preview the rule before confirming it and checking the account to make sure the rule has been actioned as errors can sometimes occur.

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