Digital Marketing News – 17/11/2020

What we learned this week/client retention ideas:

▪️ Charlotte –

When setting up analytics you can create a property that uses the old anayltics or both analytics 4 and universal analytics. This is useful when you don’t want to solely use Analytics 4. When you go to create a property just click the dropdown which says advanced options and you can create a normal universal analytics account
Link here –

▪️ Jake –

Broad match and Smart Bidding
– You can now use broad match with smart bidding.
– This will show in Recommendations for appropriate keywords.
– Google say that on average moving from broad match modified to broad match for these keywords will generate more conversions and a higher conversion value. This remains to be seen.
– Here is some info:

All animated GIF banners must be:
– 150kb or smaller
– Animation length must be 30 seconds or shorter
– Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
– Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS
– Here is some info:

▪️ Lucy –

  • I have been using the new Facebook Buisness Suite management platform for my own personal business page. It’s very similar to Hootsuite and i’ve found it good for keeping track of ads, leads and general access to updates and notifications across facebook and instagram business accounts. I will do some more research and provide information on how it may be useful for us as a business or for our clients.
  • A recent update to canva now allows us to link media accounts, include google maps, embed youtube videos, use bitmojis and custom QR codes within designs
  • A recent update to Hootsuite has removed the ability to tag locations within posts. More changes are due to be rolled out in the new year.
  • In terms of Hoostuite:

You can only tag professions/business profiles within Facebook posts, no personal profiles

▪️ Nick –

For Dynamic Search Ad recommendations, make sure that you have a comprehensive negative keyword list in place before implementing them. Without strict targeting, these will eat into the budget quickly

▪️ Billy & Em –

New add on feature on google sheets where you can import your Google Ads data into google sheets.
Google sheets -> “Get add-ons” in G Suite Marketplace -> search for google ads.
Can charity/grant accounts host shopping campaigns? No, only search. Set up search campaign with the shopping products or set up separate google ads account with separate budget.

▪️ Tom –

Facebook have made business suite live and it is a hootuite equivalent for facebook and instagram which should make it easier to do social media management for those two platforms.

▪️ Alex –

Alex is producing a document on tracking goals on analytics – will add to team board when completed.