Digital Marketing News – 19/8/2020

Digital Marketing News & What we learned this week:

▪️ Em –

WordPress including how to create posts and pages, front end and back end etc.

▪️ Chloe –

On Swydo there is a reports tool you can use where you can filter what metric there is, filter by campaign name etc. This is easier and time saving because you can filter out campaigns we are not running.

▪️ Jake –

Measurement > Attribution

(Isn’t so much a new thing but something which is often underused and should be looked it)

You can use Attribution to see an overview of ad interactions, path metrics and assisted conversions.

It’s useful because you can measure how long it takes between a click and a measured conversion at campaign and keyword level and compare things like CPA for different conversion attribution model e.g. position based compared to linear, last click etc.

You can also see Assisted conversions and path metrics which show the number of days it takes between clicks and conversions and also the average number of interactions before a conversion as a percentage of all conversions in an account.

▪️ Charlotte –

In analytics you can trace the source of the conversion e.g. social media, PPC, Website etc.
Also learnt about Amazon Ads. Helium ten and Jungle scout which can provide info on things such as how many competitors, ad rank, revenue etc. This provides a cost-effective way of improving ROI for clients. Disclaimer – can only search 50 terms on the “free” version, before having to make a new account.

▪️ Lucy –

Set up of smart shopping campaigns, learning the difference between how you sub divide them, and the difference in the amount of ad groups you can have.

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