Digital Marketing News – 10/09/2020

In today’s Digital Marketing News, here is what we learned this week:

▪️ Em & Nick –

Trained in how to take calls, how to approach clients, protocols on packages/direct debits, etc.

▪️ Charlotte –

There is a new Google Ads feature that allows you to implement and test ad variations across the account- this along with ad assets may make label redundant.

▪️ Tom –

Discovered a metric in Facebook called estimated ad recall, which means how many people would remember your ad if they saw it in 2 days’ time.

▪️ Billy –

Conversion actions have been updated in each account to now contain 19 different categories. each action will update automatically but it is best to just check them and make sure they are labeled under the best one as I have found some don’t update properly.

▪️ Lucy –

Learnt how to bulk edit missing barcode identifiers within Shopify to improve Merchant Centre feeds for Shopping campaigns. In the early stages of learning about Branding.

▪️ Jake –

Learning about Google Shopping BuyBoxes and how to measure their growth in Merchant Center.

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