Digital Marketing News – 22/12/2020

 ▪️ Lucy –
New Google Ads Help Announcement – New resources for managing campaigns during covid19. A single destination with product guidance and business considerations for managing your campaigns through COVID-19. This includes new resources for evaluating your media strategy and adjusting your campaigns based on shifting consumer behavior. Full guides and checklists are available to help evaluate each campaign type, and to adapt to the changes and trends within different industries.

▪️ Em –
Google disapproving ads because of image quality. This is a common issue on Google forums (some have been approved for months and randomly get disapproved) this is to do with the google AI randomly disapproving. Solution: Reupload the image into the ad and see if it works (instead of deleting pictures) – worked on most of the disapproved ads on account recently

▪️ Tom-
Google have now put campaign goals alongside the account’s optimisation score. Link –

▪️ Jake –
Essentially, Video ad sequencing allows us to show a series of different ads in the order that we choose and therefore tailor the ad message to the stage in the funnel that the prospect is in. In addition to this, it also reduces ad fatigue since the viewer doesn’t see the same ad multiple times. Link –