Digital Marketing News – 25/11/2020

▪️ Em & Jake –
When there are issues with first page bids being really high, look into factors such as:
– Make sure to set a CPC limit to not waste ad spend
– Work on relevance/Quality score
– Look into Different page send traffic to, possible speak to the client about creating a more relevant page, this is a good metric you can report back to client on
– Experiment with relevance in ad copy
– Really general keywords tend to bring irrelevant traffic due to multiple meanings, use the SQR to look at similar, longer tailed words.
– Add negative keywords at ad group level – enough data – specifically in adgroup
– Shift budgets around to better performing keywords in campaign

    Insights tailored to your business: There is a new insight page on google ads being rolled out in the next few weeks and continually throughout 2021, due to a change in how consumers are searching (i.e more online). Would be good to use in keyword research as shows any words which are gaining a lot more searches and traffic.

▪️ Chloe –
How to set up Facebook goals via event setup tool. It’s pretty straightforward, whereby Facebook hints at places on the landing page you have chosen to set goals e.g. form submission/initiated checkout etc. Then once you’ve selected the event it ensures each aspect on the page that tracks it (e.g. a phone number) will be classed as a goal. To check the event is working you go to “test event” and ensure the pages you’ve set the goals up for are correctly tracking.

▪️ Nick –
When updating bid adjustments for ad schedules and devices, make sure that the data you are basing this from is ideally a couple of months. Any period shorter than this may not be a true indication of trends. Once you decide to update the bid adjustments, make sure you do this in incremental changes (5-10%) to make it easier to continuously monitor performance.

▪️ Billy –
Looked into the GIF issue further due to the problem coming up again.
It appears that all HD animated gifs are no longer supported by google ads. as far as I can tell this is for gifs that loop so if they don’t and fit the specifications it should be fine but it does seem to be a case-by-case thing. Personally, I would try to avoid them if you can, and if not ask for higher file ones you can alter and not worry too much about quality loss.

▪️ Lucy –
The use of hashtags on social media. As a rule of thumb using 1-3 tags is the best overall platform. I will be creating a document that I will share on the Team Trello board, that explains the rules and specifics of hashtag use across each platform, ie Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. I have also found some useful sites to research the best tags to use depending on your post purpose/goal. 

▪️ Tom –
Google is automatically applying recommendations e.g. adding keywords, and the changes are not in the change history, it’s in a separate section in google ads called “Auto Applied Recommendations” and this is based on the settings of the account. very much worth looking into as google might be making changes to your accounts that you may not be aware of.