Digital Marketing News – 26/08/2020

Digital Marketing News & What we learned this week:

▪️ Em –

Watched Youtube Videos on how to optimise a business’s Linkedin Profile, drafted and uploaded Tom’s linked in profile. Included things to entice readers in regards to Profile Headline, About You Section & Employment History. This includes in the Profile Headline, add stars to break up job titles and add calls to actions throughout.

▪️ Chloe –

On GoogleAds, be aware with an update in terms of responsive display ads. Usually if the image quality is not up to google’s standard it says “limited”, however now it disapproves the whole ad even if you remove image.

▪️ Charlotte –

Looked into Amazon ads in terms of optimising listings & keyword researching platforms.

▪️ Tom –

If you have a Facebook ads client who wants to know what ads a competitor is running. Every business profile page has a “page transparency”. You can go to all the ads that the page is running & look at any business’s ads. This is helpful for getting an idea of ads looking a successful business is running.

▪️ Billy –

In terms of Google bots, instead of desktop site, focus is going to be on mobile sites. This means Mobile landing pages needs to be as optimised, or risk losing customers. Possibly next year being rolled out.

▪️ Nick –

Learning about Shopping campaigns, including Smart shopping campaigns, merchant centre, feeds etc.

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